2018 Week 9 Challenge

Week 8 was a bit stressful again. But singing was the best part of my day. It took away all the stress and kept me happy. I made a huge progress in a lot of areas.

Review of Week 8

1.Book of the week: The hidden tools of comedy
The beginning of this book was a bit boring. I spent time on reading books on astrology and a novel instead of this book. I will be reading it next week because it is really essential for me to learn how to write in a humorous way.
2.Course of the week: Think again
I finished first two weeks of the course. It is a very time taking course but worth the time spent on it. A friend who already took the course told me that he can find fallacies in the conversations after taking the course. I am hoping to reach that stage too.
3.Habit of the Week: Affirmations
Every morning and night, I was repeating affirmations to attract what I want into my life. So far I could not succeed in getting them. May be I am doing it with a doubt or I need to start off at a smaller level of just wishing myself a good day. I need to learn how to do it in a better way where I can see the results for the affirmations.
This was the best part of my day throughout the week. Initially I just started off with singing my favourite song and recording it. But later I discovered an app called Smule. It was fun singing in collaboration with other singers on it. I was spending almost an hour on it everyday. It made my heart lighter and happier. I will continue it this week too.
It is taking a lot of time to study and write assignments. I am happy that I started at least now before it was too late. I totally lost the habit of studying. It was really difficult to get back on track.

Challenges for Week 9

1.Book of the week: The hidden tools of comedy
Since I did not read this book much last week, I am obliged to finish it this week.
2.Course of the week: Think again
This course consumed my book reading time last week. So I will just do one week of the course instead of being greedy to finish it all at once.
3.Habit of the Week: Decision Tracker
From the time you wake to the time you sleep you make at least 30,000 decisions. Of these, some of them are really critical and other ones are routine. I will try to be more aware of the decisions I am making. This will help me understand the value system which drives my life. Also I will learn strategies to reduce the number of trivial decisions I take everyday so that I will have enough space left to think of the important ones.
4.No whatsapp
I don’t text a lot. But I got into a bad habit of checking notifications every now and then. I find it a very annoying and time killing habit. I uninstalled it today. I won’t install it for a week unless it is absolutely required to reach out to someone. I will read a page of book whenever I am reminded of checking notifications.
Apart from the above, I will continue singing and better my style of affirmations and visualization.
That is all for the next week.
How was your week 8? What are your plans for week 9? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 9!

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