2018 Week 24 Challenge

This week reminded me of school days. I was revising the concepts I studied just before I went to sleep and as soon as I wake up from sleep. Even in dreams I was writing exams.

Review of Week 23

1.Habit of the Week: Affirmations
I could write my first exam well by staying positive. The college has a stone which read “Only positive thinkers are allowed into the campus”. When you choose to think positive, the world also helps you to stay positive.
Apart from that, I invented a few more quick to make dishes. It was fun to cook.

Challenges for Week 24

1.Forgive mistakes
I am too much of a perfectionist that I get angry when I make mistakes in the smallest of the things. I will let all the hatred go and devise a mechanism to avoid making them over and again.
How was your week 23? What are your plans for week 24? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 24!

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