2018 Week 25 Challenges

One more week of exams made me look forward to the end of them. I have been dreaming of all the things which I want to do once the exams are done.

Review of Week 24

1.Habit of the Week: Forgive myself for mistakes
Forgiving myself for the small mistakes has made me more flexible and helped me love myself better. Instead of fretting over the past, it helped me look at what I can do better for the future.

Challenges for Week 25

Since my exams are going to get over tomorrow, I will get back to my routines.
1.Book of the week : Highly sensitive person in love
I want to finish the book and make notes which I had been postponing since forever.
2.Course of the week
I will find courses where I can learn how to market my book which has been pending for more than one and half month now.
3.Movie of the week
Just like books, movies also have a lot to teach. For a few concepts, books are the best. But for a few others, movies explain them better. I want to watch movies which will give me a different perspective on life. Also, I want to try out movies in different languages which helps me in my learning new language project too. I will start with one a week. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me.
It has been a month that I stopped exercising regularly. I will exercise at least for 5 minutes to start with.
5.Caption my photographs
A photo speaks a thousand words. A catchy caption can make the picture look more interesting.
6.Post at least one article
It has been a long time that I have written articles. I want to get back to writing.
This is what I am going to start with.
How was your week 24? What are your plans for week 25? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 25!

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