2018 Week 26 Challenges

It was a week with too many twists. Two days were gone in exams and spent a day in learning photography. While I was just trying to get back to my routines, I fell sick. Then I quickly recovered and had an eventful Sunday.

Review of Week 25

1.Book of the week : Highly sensitive person in love
I could successfully read a chapter and made notes of that chapter alone. I didn’t find it that useful after a point since it was more about love than about the highly sensitive person characteristics. I might just read a few selective parts of it later when I need some specific information.
2.Course of the week:
I started a course on marketing on coursera but didn’t find it interesting enough to complete it.
3.Movie of the week:
It was tough for me to shortlist a movie and watch it. I will first make a list of good movies and then start this challenge.
I could exercise only on one day as I was sick.
5.Caption my photographs
I realised that it is tough to come up with a caption on the go unless you have a flair for it. I can choose a photograph a day and come up with 10 captions and then choose the best of that. This improves creative writing too.
6.Post at least one article
I have started writing the article and realised that I lost touch with writing. I could not bring it into a shape where it can be posted already.

Challenges for Week 26

Since I have to spend some time on my academics too, I don’t want to burden myself with too many challenges.
1.Book of the week : I, Mammal
It’s a science backed book which explains how happiness and status are linked in the brain. I am excited that it is going to be an interesting read.
2.Course of the week: The strategy of content marketing
From the plethora of courses available, I randomly picked this. Hopefully it will be an interesting one.
3.Habit of the week: Increase my attention span
Unless I am in a flow state, I have a very low attention span. This is something I need to actively work on to focus for long hours.
How was your week 25? What are your plans for week 26? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 26!

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