2019 Week 13 Challenges

One of the achievements I am proud of is marketing my article on social media. I was finding it very tough to make some time to publish my article all these days.  But this week, I made the poster and also publicized it over social media.

Review of week 12

I went for running and jogging everyday. This week was the longest streak for this in months now. There is no greater a joy than getting back to regular exercising.
2.Thought tracker
I felt a lot more productive this week just because of the thought tracker. It was quite helpful for me to stay in the present. I had a long to-do list on the first two days. The list kept coming down over the week. I need to continue this over the next weeks until I become productive in an auto pilot mode.
I made a little bit progress in photography. Previously I used to avoid clicking on manual mode in DSLR. But this week, I took the plunge and discovered the perfect settings for my pictures. I always wanted to click a bird going into the moon. I couldn’t succeed in that but clicked something similar to that. I had to wait for 10 minutes at the same spot to place the bird the way I wanted it to look like. Another picture which I always wanted to click was a moon with the craters. It wasn’t really a successful picture but it was good enough to satisfy me. I did this on Friday night after working for 15 hours at office. It made me realize how mad I was about photography. Apart from these, I clicked a close up picture of Eagle which made my day.
4.Zero to One
Finally, I finished one book in my long to-read list for the year. But the sad thing about the book is I don’t have anything to implement from it. I read it. I enjoyed it. I ticked it off on my list. End of story. But for someone who is wanting to start-up, it is a good book to know what mistakes to avoid.

Plans for week 13

1.Where is my time going?
I want to start maintaining an activity log. I will note the time at the start of an activity and end of an activity. This means that if I have to do justice for my time, I should not have any distractions in between. This also means that at the end of the day, I will cut slack the useless activities of the day.
What will come to my rescue? I will use your time in your hands application to track the time I splurge on social media.
Recently, I noticed that I was stumbling to recollect the right fit of words in sentences. I want to take a common list of words and write as many synonyms as possible daily. This helps me in words recollection and also builds up my vocabulary when I learn the synonyms which I didn’t know.
Below is the words list to start off with. Just one word a day.
[emaillocker] Vocabulary builder [/emaillocker]
To make this a sustainable habit, I will do it just in the night. Every night before going to sleep, I will think of the one thing I want to attract in the next one week. I will start small and then move to bigger things in life. The people around me who I consider as successful do this practise diligently. Even in my life, it worked pretty well for a few things. I just need to learn to harness it for other areas too.
When I am committing to this, I am doing it with a fear of failure. You all know how many times I failed at maintaining a streak in meditation. That left me with a self-doubt of if I can ever do this. But last week, my meditation trainer was stern about me practicing it daily. So I did for the next two days. But I didn’t find it sustainable to do it on my own. Hence I found a place near my house to go for daily. If not daily, I am hoping to go at least twice a week to start with and improve slowly.
The saddest part of this week is I have to return the camera I borrowed from a friend. This translates to me not having an apparatus to improve my photography skills. I will need to figure out what I can do as an alternative.
How was your week 12? What are your plans for week 13?
Happy Week 13!

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