2019 Week 12 Challenges

The last week was one hell of a hectic week. The good part being I have 6263 words for my book most of it were written over the weekend.

Review of Week 11

In the past one week, two of them asked if they can use the photos I clicked as their wallpaper. I think it is a good enough appreciation to measure the improvement of my photography skills.
2.Zero to One
I had this book under the list of books to read to learn about finance. But this book is more about businesses and the market. I learnt a few important concepts and this book got me thinking. I have 80 more pages left to finish it.
It felt good to write in the gratitude journal. The feel of pen on the paper is totally different from typing it on the laptop. I felt it more powerful and it helped me look at the positive in the negative.

Plans for week 12

The problem I had been facing in the past 11 weeks is that whatever I start, it is lasting just for a week or two. I am not able to sustain it for a longer time which makes doing the habit for that week an experience and not really a habit. In order to counteract that, I will start with small habits from now on and make them sustainable for a lifetime. If the use of the habit becomes obsolete, then I will remove it. If it is bringing a huge impact in my life, I need to definitely stick to it.
1.Plan clothes for the week
One of the most trivial decisions you take every morning is what to wear and you lose your cool when you can’t find anything apt for the occasion which in turn is an absolute waste of energy. Instead, if you organise your clothes for the week, you can use that energy and decision quota of the day for better things. Then you will understand why Mark Zuckerberg wears an uniform. He doesn’t waste his decisions on deciding clothes.
Every weekend, this is my top priority. This is a must for a lifetime.
2.Thought tracker
I will write down all the significant thoughts of my day as and when they come. This helps me avoid repetitive thoughts.
This is a time consuming activity. I had tried this many times in the past but couldn’t sustain it for a long time. I will keep doing this until I learn to stay in the present.
3.An hour a day
When I focus in terms of words, I am not able to do justice to my goals. Because sometimes I spend time on reading literature on the same. Instead, when I set aside a focussed hour daily for this, I will have the satisfaction of working towards the bigger picture.
That’s all for this week.
How was your week 11? What plans for week 12?
Happy week 12!

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