2019 Week 19 Goals

It was an adventurous vacation except for that I lost my phone and the memories from the trip. But from the hardships and the memories I collected, it motivated me to start a travel blog to help others decide which places to visit, what to expect and where to stay. This will also motivate me to travel more. With my packed workload, I am not ready to start it full fledged. But I will share the link of that blog on this website once it is ready.

Review of Week 18

1.Next steps for the book
I have a rough outline on what are the next steps I need to follow to publish the book. A few more steps might come up as I keep working on it.
2.Buy DSLR
Now that I have lost my phone, I don’t have any excellent device to capture amazing pictures which compels me to buy a DSLR sooner. I zeroed in the model but just waiting for some good offers.
As a part of new workout, I attended a boxing class. I always dreamt to wear those gloves and pose the way they show in movies and hit the bag. Last week, I created that opportunity to live. My body ached so much that I found it difficult to get up from bed. At the end of the day, you need to work for what you want. If I wish to shred the extra weight, I need to learn to enjoy that pain.

Plans for Week 19

Even though, I so badly want to get back to my initial plans for the year, I find it close to impossible to make so much time for self-improvement daily. It is tough to be married, work on a full time job, take care of the entire house and then work on yourself. At times, I feel like giving up the entire self-improvement and just learn to go with the flow. But one thing, this entire exercise of working on my dreams has taught me is that “I’m possible” or “Impossible” is in my hands. If I don’t crawl when I can’t walk, I will never get to the state of running.
I will do it slowly. It doesn’t matter when I will reach up to the pace. I will take it one at a time.
I will write 15 minutes daily. It can be an answer on Quora or some content for my next book or simply an article. It doesn’t matter if I am ever going to use that content again anywhere or not. I just want to get back to the habit of writing daily. Writing helps me connect with myself and I can’t afford to ignore it.
2.Click Pictures
For a few days after I lost my phone, I didn’t have a phone in my hand but everywhere I went, I saw something which I wanted to click. At this stage of my life, I can’t afford to buy another expensive phone. I will make sure that I don’t stop clicking because I don’t have a good phone. I will target to learn at least one concept per week and click a picture based on that concept.
Yesterday, I got a forwarded message of 90 day Meditation Challenge. Given my meditation practise history, I think it is too ambitious to target 90 days. But I will do a one week streak to start with. If I succeed in this, I will make it 14. I will just give my best. It doesn’t matter if I am actually meditating or not, the intention to do it and strive for it matters.
Since I am just taking baby steps, this is all for the week.
What are your plans for week 19? How was your week 18?
Happy Week 19!

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