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Blossoming – 2023 May Review

May felt like Spring season. It started with a vacation where I did some wildlife photography and felt so connected with nature. Every time I connect with nature, there is a new found energy where I feel unstoppable. I got back to showing up on Instagram, taking new clients, offering new services, etc. When I am taking action, I also enjoy the support I receive from my spirit guides. It feels like they tell me that “Show me your intention, we will help you walk on the path”. A huge thanks to my spirit guides for all the confirmations and opportunities.


Review of May


The theme for May was about getting back to the side hustle with renewed energy. 




I spent a lot of time studying Tarot as if I was doing it for the first time to upgrade my Tarot skills. This led me to gain more clarity in terms of the spreads I started to build. I am writing Tarot spreads for relationship, self improvement and career. I will be sharing them either as a book or a live workshop based on how they take shape finally. Those spreads are definitely up for service if you need a reading for one of the themes. I have learnt so much about myself through these spreads and am pretty excited to share it with whoever is looking for deeper work.


I also got a new deck – Gateway of Light Activation and it has been amazing so far. In order to stop myself from hoarding decks, I waited for 5 months and then got it as a gift from my birthday for it to feel like a special deck for me. It is going to remain my favorite deck for some time now.




This month was not so much of a deep work but I nudged myself deeper with some emotions. I noticed how a lot of emotions were hidden below and I go on with life as if everything is fine. When I released some of those trapped emotions, it brought a lot of blessings in my way. I will be continuing this probing for the next month too.




I have always had difficulty with forgiving. I kept resentments for decades. Finally, I feel that I am able to let things go easily. It was definitely not an easy journey but 100% worth it. I feel so much lighter after letting go of the baggage.




While I have not mastered swimming by the end of the course, it has taught me some valuable lessons. I got a chance to apply the concept of breaking down any task into smaller ones to make it achievable. I had spent so much time making friends with my fear that I feel that I can handle fear in other areas of my life too.

My relationship with my swimming teacher gave me a huge awakening on how bad the teaching system out there is. I didn’t experience this before as I was always the teacher’s pet. If any teacher ever told you that you were slow or blamed you for their incapability to meet you at your level, know that all you have to do is find a way to learn at your own pace. I feel very grateful that one of the biggest learnings in the past decade was to build that confidence in myself that I can self learn anything from scratch. I give that credit to Mu Sigma,the first company I worked at. It turned a Civil Engineer to a Business Analyst in just one month through self learning. That’s one of the skills I carry with me for a lifetime.


5.Upcoming workshops


I have created a self paced course – “Connecting with the Universe”. Part 1 contains a series of exercises which prepares you for the connection with the Universe. The exercises are inspired from my personal experience and at the same time researched to see if they are backed by multiple schools to bring out the desired results. Ever since I started practicing these exercises, I feel that I am going back to my initial days of spiritual awakening where everything felt awe. Buy that course here.


Plan for June


The theme for June is to take bold action. I have held back myself for a very long time awaiting perfection. This month would be about charging ahead with all that is manifested.


1.Defining my services


While I offer a lot of different services, not everyone knows what I do and how I can be of help. This month, I will be spending a lot of time bringing a structure to this.




I love writing but I don’t write that frequently of late. I really want to get back to this. Even if I am not writing for publishing, I want to write for myself.


How was your May? What are your plans for June?


Happy June!


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