2019 Week 10

Week 9 is a recovering week from all the commotion in life. Getting back to routines is one of the toughest phases. Even though I didn’t have a lot of things planned for the week, I could make time for a few to get back the momentum.
I started watching a few youtube videos for practical advise on clicking amazing photographs. As a part of that, I learnt about composition. Just a few tips and I religiously observed those tips in every perfect photograph on Instagram and tried to apply them in the pictures I clicked too. This was a good start for the week. Learning just one aspect and applying them made a huge difference. I want to apply this to other areas of my life too.
2.Free writing
I wrote a lot more words in my diary this week than I did any time before. It helped me clear my brain and focus on what’s more important from all the clutter which had been running. I wish to continue this every morning and night to gather more benefits from this.
3.Writing book
Apart from collecting points for the book, I started writing down ideas in sentences. Also, I took the efforts to write as an article and could write 2000 words this week.

Plans for week 10

I moved into my new home last weekend. This week a majority of my time will go off in setting up the new house. I am very far off from the goals I set for myself at the start of this year but it is always fine as long as you are moving even if you are not running.
The instructions you give to your sub conscious mind make a significant change in your life. I want to remind myself four times a day that I want to lose weight.
2.Writing book
I want to write at least 3000 words this week. Also, do some research to gather scientific reasons for what I am writing
3.Night walk
The only time you can give undivided attention to your partner is when you go for long walks without any electronic devices. Every night I want to go for a walk with him to catch up with our lives.
4.Decision Journal
Most of the times you are consumed by hindsight bias. In order to avoid that, it is a good habit to write the thought process behind every significant decision you make in life. This will also help you to refine your thought process.
How was your week 9? What are your plans for week 10?
Happy week 10!

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