2019 Week 9 Goals

Week 8 was one hell of a tiring week. I was so lost that I missed 52 day Duolingo streak.

Review of week 8

1.Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
I didn’t have the mental bandwidth to start a new book. But I skimmed through two books which gave me reference points for the book I was writing.
1000 words was too lofty a goal. All I could manage was extensive list of ideas and points I want to include in the book. I think that was a good start as I had been noting down points at random times in the day and night. Now I have a rough structure to start writing for a solid framework.

Plans for week 9

1.Free Writing
I have done this multiple times in the past but this is something I love going back to. It helps me destress and get clarity on what I am pursuing.
I want to make some solid progress this week instead of just collection of points. I will try to write rough sentences instead of just bullet points.
That is all for this week.
How was your week 8? What are your plans for week 9?
Happy week 9!

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