2019 Week 21 Goals

The best part of this week is getting a DSLR as a gift from my dad. He had always been supporting my dreams and will keep supporting me in the future too. It took me down the memory path where he always spent more than what he could afford to support my passions. May be I wouldn’t have been multi-talented as everyone refers to it as if not his encouragement.

Review of Week 20

1.The intelligent investor
Even though my target was just one page a day, I read 24 pages in the last week. I am not able to write any points at this stage as everything seems to be important. I need to read it once more to summarise the key points.
2.The Habit of winning
If you hardly read any books on self-improvement, you will find it an interesting read. If you ask me to rate it basis of difficulty level, it is for beginners. It was just a collection of stories I read at different ages. Will someone learn to win based on that? No. Will someone get superficial motivation? Yes. I was disappointed with the book as I expected the author to write stories from his professional life to teach how to win. But I finished the book because I felt good to read the old stories once again all at one place.
I went into a deep focussed state while writing this week. It felt beautiful after a long time. I wish I could go into such states more often.
The exercise I did last week didn’t seem to be that useful. I need to find a proper road map for myself.
I am able to comfortably lift 2.5 kgs but my hands start shaking when I try 4 kgs. A week more and I should be in a better position.
I missed my 7 day streak again. I could do only on the weekdays. During the weekends, it somehow doesn’t fit into the routine.

Plans for week 21

1.Inside Coca Cola
I usually don’t read this type of books but I realised that books of this sort gives us insights into the habits of those who succeed in life which we can emulate. So far it is an unputdownable book. Hoping to learn some interesting lessons from it.
Even though it might sound lame, it actually helps in having a good day. Selfie to start the day and one more to end the day. Irrespective of how yesterday was, today is a new day with new opportunities. Let me welcome it with a smile. Click. Irrespective of how bad the day was, I was strong enough to face it all. Smile. Click. Some of my best selfies were those which were clicked after a tough incident. Because the confidence of all is not lost. It is just a phase. Things will be well soon.
I want to get back to writing on Quora. I will write an answer daily again for the next one week. I had stopped in between as I felt that I had nothing new to write about. But the thing with writing is, you can get new ideas only when you keep writing. I don’t want writing to go away from my passions. I love it as much as I love photography.
Now that I have a DSLR, I need to explore more. This week I will spend time in learning all the settings. I should know what the camera is capable of to expand my skill set.
5.Exercise and Meditation
I don’t have to call out these two specifically every week from now as they are being taken care of by habits. I have set the routine for exercise as 8 to 9 every morning. For meditation, I make use of my commute time. They are going good. Also, I am maintaining a tracker to measure my progress and also to keep a log of how I am feeling after every session.
That’s all for this week!
How was your week 20? What plans for week 21?
Happy week 21!

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