2019 Week 22 Goals

The best part of last week was I tried making cheese pasta and Hyderabadi Biryani. Surprisingly both of them were delicious and gave me confidence to cook them once again. I spent a lot of hours in learning to cook the right way. Nevertheless, it is a good start in the cooking journey.
Review of week 21
1.Inside Coca Cola
It was an amazing read in the recent while. It not only talks about the journey of the CEO but also gives insight into the history of that period. It is informative and inspiring at the same time.
I could write on five of the seven days last week. On a few days, it was difficult to write and on few others it took less than five minutes to write. But I am glad that I could make it a habit again.
I found a mentor to review my photographs.Surprisingly, the only aspect I lack in, according to him is rule of thirds. I am being more aware of it from now.

Plans for week 22

The last week was a struggle. The advice I keep getting these days is let go off a few hobbies so that the entire journey doesn’t feel like cramming too many things in the day. I can’t let go off my full time job because that earns my living. I can’t let go off exercise or meditation because they are essential for my physical and mental health. Next come the hobbies. They are essential for my happiness and well-being. Instead of pursuing everything daily, I can make them twice a week to not let go off them completely.
I will take off this week and work on building a plan on where I want to be in each of my hobbies at the end of this year. If I am pursuing each one only twice a week, it doesn’t make sense to do weekly challenges.
I will take a week to think over all of this and release the plan latest by June 1st.
“If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one”
This quote made me take this break. It is okay to take off to reflect in life once in a while.
How was your week 21? What plans for week 22?
Happy week 22!

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