2018 Week 15 Challenges

The best part of the week was reading a book which motivated me to do PhD. All this while, it was a dream. The book made me realise that is where my heart lies.

Review of Week 14

1.Book of the week: Learned Optimism
One of the unputdownable books I ever read. The way he uncovered the story was really impressing. Even though I did not read the final part of the book yet, the experimentation part was all which held my attention.
2.Course of the week: Science of happiness
I don’t like edx app as much as coursera. Hence, I was just postponing to do it and ended up just watching the introduction.
3.Habit of the Week: Rate my activities
The most painful activity in the week was eating and the most pleasure giving activity was reading. I felt accomplished for finishing a few assignments. Overall, it was a great activity to rate activities.
4.Write book
This was a disaster. As I was closer to finishing the first draft of the book, I was clueless about whether whatever I wrote made any sense. I requested a friend to read a chapter. He said that I did not do enough justice to the book. I needed more experience to write a book on that topic. It felt like my dream of writing a book in a month was impossible. It took me sometime to accept the fact it was not up to the mark. I already spent a lot of hours in research for the book. It put me in a dilemma on what next. It took two days for the feeling to sink in. But then I decided to be resilient and started working on the next steps.

Challenges for Week 15

1.Book of the week: Make it stick
It is a book backed by research on what makes learning stick for a long time. I read a few chapters in this book before. Hoping to finish it this week.
2.Course of the week:
I will do the courses related to my psychology subjects so that I can kick start my preparation.
3.Habit of the Week: Laugh
I will watch a video or read a book or do anything which can make me laugh. If I can’t find anything, I will just force a laugh. Laughing not only reduces stress but also improves health and well-being.
4.Write book
Today, I went to a book store on my way back home from work. I felt a bit low wondering if I will ever achieve my dream of writing a book. But that is when my inspiration sprouted. Starting off with a new topic today is tough. But I will give my best. I can spend around two hours everyday and write 2000 words a day. I hope I will be able to write good enough to motivate the reader this time.
That is all for the next week.
How was your week 14? What are your plans for week 15? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 15!

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  1. This week goals:
    1)I had to implement my project this week as I had to submit next week.
    2)I have to write a paper so this week I gonna work on that also.
    3)I gonna read 30 min every morning as well before bed.
    4)I gonna add prayer in my morning routine this week.

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