2019 July Goals

Self-improvement is a process of change in lifestyle to incorporate as many good habits as possible. In the last one month, while I was away from the blogging, I got one thing right – working out daily. Also, I realised what made it suddenly impossible to follow my dreams daily. I was using will power at my full time work. I had no mental energy left to pursue other activities in my life. The one thing that was different about me when compared to others till then was I didn’t look at my work as a burden previously. Now it turned into one. That was the reason why everyone thought it was a great thing to pursue so many different things in life with a full time job while it was just a bunch of routines for me. In case you are struggling with the same, now you know the reason.
The solution I found for this is doing deep work and not work on the full time job for more than 8 hours. I will learn to push the deadlines, find something in the work which can be a motivating factor, note down the distractions which I can go back to later.
The reason I came back to blogging even though I wanted to take a little longer to figure out my life was that I was not figuring anything out in the first place. I was just going where the wind was taking me. Also, two of my friends were surprised that is so unusual of me to not do anything different in life. I was their inspiration and I suddenly can’t cease to be one. Another friend, who I met after a long while, decided to join the gym and then come for meditation with me. A very old friend calls me up and reminds me how planned I was about life. All these incidents motivated me to get back to writing this monthly post. If I am not able to accomplish 7 things in a week, it is still a progress, if I can finish them in a month. This year has been a crawling year, but better than a no achievements year. 

Goals for July

1.Sleep before 11
The one thing which will set most of the things right in my life is sleeping on time and waking up without an alarm. Right now, my office timings extend till so late in the night that it is impossible for me to sleep by 11. But tackling this will bring everything else into order.
2.Expressive writing
I had been writing my diary on and off these days. This is another thing which will help me remove all the annoying elements from my life.
My meditation teacher introduces me to others as “She is very sincere and made a lot of  progress in such a short time.” Whenever I feel like skipping meditation, this motivates me to do more.
If I want to be a professional photographer, I need to learn the technicalities of camera. I want to be a self-taught photographer for which, I will read an article/watch a video on photography daily to learn something new. Once a week, I will spend that time to implement what I learnt.
I find it difficult to find time to write daily. In this month, I will write at least 10 answers on Quora and 5 articles for my blog and edit my book.
I have shortlisted a few courses on Edx out of which I will complete at least 2 and read at least 3 books this month.
The biggest challenge I have is to find time for all of this. I will reduce the time I spend on Instagram by tracking the time I spend on the phone daily. This will help me make time for other things in life.
How was June? What are your plans for July? 
Happy July!

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