2019 August Goals

The best part of the month was that I published a book along with my sister. It was a tribute to my dad.The worst part was I was sick for almost half of the days which killed the productivity.

July Review

1.Sleep by 11
I could do this only on half of the days. But that itself is an achievement to get back to normal life. In august, sleeping before 11 on 20 of the 30 days will be a reachable target.
2.Expressive writing
From the lost habit of writing a diary, this month I made 21 entries. Even if it is not perfect, it is again better than before. Now I need to push it to more than 25 entries a month.
Even though it started off on a great note, by the time it came to the middle of the month, I lost the streak. It was difficult to practise daily again. This is one habit I had been struggling, I am struggling and don’t want to struggle the next month.
The best thing about photography this month is getting a new phone and doing a full-fledged macro photography. I clicked bees, ants, housefly and spiders. They had been well received by a lot of people.
Even though I wrote a few articles, I could not bring them to completion. I wrote a few answers on Quora. But I spent my time majorly on writing the book on my dad.
I read ‘Deep work’ and ‘The underage CEO’ with full enthusiasm. I am stuck with Hit refresh which I will complete soon.I tried reading 3rd alternative and Winning in between these but realised that they were not my type of books and abandoned them soon.
I did a landscape photography course on Udemy which I felt was quite useless. It let my spirits down but the food photography course was interesting where I learnt a few tricks which I can’t start implementing today but can keep in mind when I update my gear and start shooting food.

Plans for August

1.Spanish on Duolingo
I miss learning something new daily. My sister had been talking how Duolingo has been making it a lot more easier to learn a new language. To be a loyal user of Duolingo, I want to learn Spanish also on it just like the way I learnt French. Just a bit daily and in a year, I will know the basics of Spanish.
2.MA Psychology second year
I couldn’t write my exams in June due to other commitments. I want to start preparing for my December exams by studying my subjects at least twice a week.
3.An Idea a day
It can be how to make my existing books better. It can be a marketing idea or an idea to start a business. The ideas may be viable or may not be viable. But generating ideas will exercise the creative muscle. I want to generate as many as possible this month.
4.What you focus on, expands
I want to focus more on what I want to do and keep moving in that direction. The more I focus on what is not working, I will be held back in life. Instead of spending time on worrying, I will use it to move towards my goals.
How was your July? What are your plans for August?
Happy August!

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