2019 Week 14 Challenges

The best part of this week was I could bring a proper structure to my book and was also able to give names to chapters. I could write content worth 76 pages as of today. A month to go before I publish it.

Review of week 13

1.Activity log
I was writing it as a part of my regular diary. Hence it was difficult for me to review it for the time spent on unnecessary tasks. But the important purpose it served me was, I was conscious about not wasting my time. To make it a more useful activity, this week I will be writing it in google sheets to track and measure.
When I was practising recollection of synonyms, I realised that I have a poor vocabulary. I need to consciously read books and keep practicing more to improve for the better.
I attended the sessions on 5 out of 7 days which is a great improvement. It was a great joy and I wish to continue it till the classes last.

Plans for week 14

1.Connect online
The connect with photographers on Instagram was a success. Now I want to try the same with top writers in self development topic on Quora. I might get some valuable experience even if I don’t receive any tips or advice.
Producing content is just not enough. There should be a way to spread the content for the right people to benefit from it. Hence I want to start off with digital marketing courses
3.10 points
I used to have fun when I did it in the past. I think it is time I go back to it and have more fun. On the first day, I write down 10 topics on which I want to write for the next 10 days. On each of the following day, I randomly choose a topic from the list and write whatever I can think about it.
4. The 80 20 Principle
80% of the work is done by 20% of the efforts. May be after reading this book, I will be able to schedule my day a lot more effectively.
That’s all for this week!
How was your week 13? What are your plans for week 14?
Happy week 14!

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