2019 Week 15

The most satisfying part of the week was sitting for stretch of an hour daily to write book. I was in the state of flow as if I had no connection with the outside world. It was the most beautiful part of my day. I think we should all be doing more of what we love and then slowly make a living from that.

Review of week 14

1.Connect online
The response from Quora members wasn’t as great as it was from Instagram. Out of the seven people I reached out to, only one responded. He responded because he found a client in me, he could train.
I could do only one chapter in the last one week. The key point I learnt was before you start marketing you should clearly know what you are. I haven’t taken an action on this yet. So I saw no point in going further.
3.10 points
I went back to this fun game but I realised that I lost touch with the game and found it difficult to generate 10 points a day.
4.The 80 20 principle
The book so far quotes examples of how 80% of the result had been achieved by 20% of the results. If we adopt the same set of thinking to our daily life, we will be a lot more effective.

Plans for week 15

1.Listen to TED talk a day
In the past, when I did this, I felt I was becoming knowledgeable day after day. I continuously stumbled on not so good ted talks and discontinued it for a wrong reason. Now I would like to spare just 20 minutes on this daily. I am sure I will have a lot of new ideas to share on my website when I start learning new concepts again.
2.Mood tracker
I had been meditating consistently for the past 15 days. Thanks to the meditation center. As a result, I noticed that the bombardment of thoughts in my head has reduced a lot. Partially my thoughts tracker would also have helped me in this. I don’t feel the urge to make a note of my thoughts as much as I did in the beginning. This is a good improvement. But what I noticed is that my quick reaction to situations hasn’t got fine tuned at. I will start a mood tracker to note how I am feeling at different times of the day and what triggered me. This will help me gain control over my emotions too. I have done this in the past too. But anything which doesn’t become an ingrained habit needs to be gone back to again and again.
3.Food tracker
I discontinued my food tracker in November when I started eating outside as there was no consistency in my diet. I can attribute the exponential increase in my weight partially to the outside food I had been consuming. I will go back to food tracker and have an eye on what is going in so that I can have greater control over what I consume.
That’s all for the week.
How was your week 14? What plans for week 15?
Happy week 15!

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