I write a diary. What next?

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Have you written your diary today? If you have not written yet, read this and start writing your diary today.
If you have already been writing, I am happy for you. You are already enjoying the benefits of it. But are there more ways to benefit from it?
You don’t have to spend any extra time daily to enjoy these benefits. Just a little time once in a while will do. You need to just review your diary to unlock these benefits.

What is this review?

Have you heard about weekly targets? Quarterly reports? Yes, you are right. Those reports exist for companies.
Reviewing is also the same. You evaluate your life on a periodical basis – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. Our lives are as important as the companies. We need to know how effectively we are living in the limited time on this earth.
Reviewing the diary and taking action on what you have written takes you to the next level. It’s not only about the goals. It is also the relief you get when you read how the difficult phase of your life has passed. It also makes you feel more aware of your life and helps in evaluating your important relations.
When I did my yearly review, it gave me immense confidence in myself that I have faced all the obstacles strongly. The good things of the year made me relive the memories once again. Inspite of a lot of bad days, I still made a lot of progress in life. If I had not reviewed my diary, I would have never known how much I have improved.

Will just reading the diary come under reviewing?

Reading just tells you how things went. But making notes tells you the actions you need to take for the betterment.

What should the notes look like?

I make my notes with the following subheadings: 
Good things:
> All those activities which you always wanted to do but have actually done this month
> Progress you made in this month in regular activities
> The list of bad habits you broke
Bad things:
> The activities in which you performed worse than usual
> The habits which you could not stick to
> What you did differently this time but nothing good or bad has come out of it yet
> The events which you want to remember forever.
> The external things which evoke emotions in you
Action points:
>The next steps you want to take

The following is a snippet of my February review:

> Made quilling earrings
> Improved at work
> Started cooking my lunch
> Didn’t exercise much
> Published very few articles
>Watched a beautiful sunrise
> Happy: Travelling by train after a long time
Action Points:
> Make an exercise plan
This is just my way of reviewing. You can do it in your own way. Tell me in the comment section your ideas on reviewing.
What are you waiting for? Do your first review today.
Happy reviewing!

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