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November Review & December Goals

Here comes the last month of the year. The best thing about this year is I am still setting goals and working towards them. That is the best thing about monthly resolutions. If not for this, I would have long been lost in the journey and would not have reached even a single milestone. The onset of a new year does not change anything for me. I will still look at it as a new month and new goals to reach.
So coming back to November.

How did November go?

To be honest, for the first time in all these months, I can’t really measure November success for how I did for the entire month. I followed my goals diligently for the first 10 days. On the 11th day, I went on a vacation. My rule is to quit from all routines while on Vacation. The story of why I did not do my goals after vacation looks like a kid giving an excuse. But as a part of self-love, I did not want to stress myself. I had a lot of pending work, both office and personal since I was away for 10 days. Getting back to the routine was the toughest part.
Long story short- I am reviewing the goals for the first 10 days of November.
A Lesson that needs to be learned – Plan on how to get back to routines after a vacation.
Let’s quickly see how I did:
Network Online:
This is the highlight of this month. I have learned a little from this exercise. Initially, I tried finding websites to connect with people. Then I realized that the best way to make this as a habit is to start small. I started commenting on the posts of writers on Medium. Initially, I found this also tough because I did not know how to comment. Slowly I started becoming comfortable doing it. A lot of people liked my comments and a few times the writers responded saying it was a great question.
I will continue doing it and share it with you if I learn something path-breaking in this process.
Improve Logical/ Critical Reasoning:
I did logical reasoning questions diligently for the first 10 days of the month. I was scoring well and I felt accomplished for the ideas I were getting. But then there were a few sets which I was not able to crack under stress. I need to learn how to perform well under pressure.
Even though I started doing a course on Critical reasoning, I have not finished it yet. Will aim to finish it this month.
One good thing about me:
I have a small list of good things about me to bank on now. But the problem with making the list is – You should be careful about what things you write about. For example, if you write something good about what you did today, it does not become a good thing about you. It can just be called as a good deed. It should be something which you do consistently. A few weeks later, if you see the list when you are low, if there are items which you have done just once, you might end up feeling fake.
Give Something:
This goal was a little flop. All I could help people was by lending pens and phone chargers. I have not done anything exceptional. Probably planning on what I will give and whom I will give would have helped me do it better.
Goals into habits:
Ted Talks:
I went to my action list which I made when I read Ted Talks – The official guide. I decided to watch a TED talk each day from the list.
When I searched for Ted talks with the name of the person, I stumbled on various other videos or interviews of them. I didn’t know that there are so many amazing people with amazing thoughts out there until I discovered this way of searching.
These ted talks had nothing to do with developing my personality but they had a lot to do with expanding my mind. I will write a separate article after I am done watching all the list.

Goals for December:

Even though I did not want to start new books, I just can’t stop myself from doing it. But then I decided that I won’t read those books like a novel and write action points which I implement after a few months. I found the first action point and I want to take it as a challenge and do it for this month
1.No complaining
This is a life-changing goal. If I succeed in this, I can talk about my life as before 2017 December and after 2017 December. I am not a complaint master as of today. But the small things I still complain about still matters.
When you compliment someone, they will automatically start considering you as a friend.
Turning old challenges into habits:
30-day blogging challenge:
The only time in the past one year I wrote consistently was when I did 30-day blogging challenge. I am repeating this challenge to get back to writing daily.
I have forgotten what it feels like to meditate. I need to make progress in this.
I want to learn a new set of yoga poses to make my body more flexible.
As a part of organizing activity, I organized the books I have into different genres. I decided that I will read a book from each genre. By doing this, I can read books in cycles where I get a chance to implement what I learn before I finish reading the book.
Critical Reasoning Course:
I have enrolled for a course on Udemy to improve my critical reasoning skills. I will spend 5 minutes on it daily so that I can complete it at least this month.
New Routines:
Diary Review:
Since it is already the last month of the year, for my annual diary review, I want to read the diary of 2017 and also 2016. So as a part of this exercise, I will read the diary of 2016 January and 2017 January which helps me compare how I have improved over the years.
Psychology Course:
For the course I am doing in Psychology, I need to submit assignments in mid of March. I need to answer 108 questions as a part of this assignment. In order to make my life simpler, I will write an answer to a question per day, which simplifies my life.
When I have too many things to do, I struggle to allocate time for each of them. So I am going to block my calendar for all these activities.
How was your November? What are your plans for December? Let us know them in the comments section.
Happy December!

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  1. Quite impressive about your Dec goals and Nov routine. Very inspiring too.
    Even I my routine is similar except reading books other than my technical.
    My November month pretty good compared to oct’s
    1) I did a Happiness course of Art of living’s.
    1) I could able to meet prominent dignitaries like Arundhati Bhattacharya, Pullela Gopichand in Global leadership forum, had nice interaction with them.
    2) Wrote gratitude list for the things I am thankful for 17 days. It was quite amazing that there many things to be thankful for.
    3) Did padmasadana almost twice a day and jogging for 9 days.
    4) worked on my aptitute skills,has to improve a lot.
    Goals for December 2017
    1) Keep continuing Yoga.
    2) Gratitude list in the morning.
    3) Journal writing about how my day went.
    4) Improving my Aptitute skills.
    5) Taking up mock tests for my exam and improving from it.

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