14 Things that happen once you start living your dreams

I have been at crossroads a lot of times in my life. I got cold feet and I was not even able to make a move. The last time I was at one, I decided to end this drama forever. I wanted to stop controlling my future. And start living my dreams. Once I started doing this, I discovered the following amazing things
1.Fear of future was gone:
My mind was never at peace before. I was always worried.
“What if I did not get through the exam?”
“What if I don’t get my dream job?”
“What if I can’t work on good projects?”
I don’t have to worry about what I can’t control anymore. I love writing. I write. No one can stop me from this. It is so relieving.

2.I stopped feeling inferior:
Friend 1: “I earn 17 lpa”
Friend 2: “I earn 23 lpa”
Previously I used to feel low that I hardly make any money. But now, I know that my path is different. A meaningful job is what matters. Not just the pay.
3.I enjoy my day:
I am not running after deadlines. I am not waiting for Friday. I enjoy today. Because I am doing what I love.
4.I don’t need motivation:
My routines are in place. I work on an auto-pilot mode. I don’t have to push myself to exercise daily. I do my habits because I love the reward they give me.
5.I feel smarter:
The work I do pushes me into an introspection mode. My time is not spent in feeling stressed but in reflecting on my life. I feel the smarter than I was ever before.
6.I became proactive
I don’t leave my future to destiny. I expect problems beforehand and take preventive measures.
7.I feel more responsible
I don’t blame what went wrong on my surroundings. I feel responsible for the life I lead.

8.I found my mentor
Mentors come to those who work on their dreams. When they see potential, they want to catalyze the growth.
9.I don’t feel overwhelmed by success or failure
I work for the satisfaction of it. If others like my work, I am happy with it. If they don’t like, even then I am okay with it. I don’t have to impress others. I need to feel good about what I do.

10.I started feeling out of place
I no longer fit into a peer group. When my friends complain about various petty things of their life, I know that the solution to all those is really simple. My life path felt totally different from theirs.

11.Normal things are no longer a priority
My mother always screams at me that I don’t care about the things which she considers important. I don’t find them important than my writing.

12.I don’t have time to complain
I now know that half the problems can be solved in the time spent on complaining.

13.People started admiring me
It is not the reason why I work on my dreams. But when you see someone doing something which you are not, you automatically start admiring them.

14.I feel more contended
Above all, I go to sleep with a peaceful mind that day has been spent well.
When are you going to start working on your dreams? What changes have you noticed in your life if you already started working on them? Share them with us in the comments section.
Happy working on your dreams!

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