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Organizing things paves way to Organised life

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“Mommy! Where is my school bag?”
“Darling! Have you seen my belt?”
“I can’t find the file I need to take to work today.”

A common scene in every house in the mornings. Despite being a daily headache, hardly any of us bother to come back in the evening and set things right. A few articles say clumsiness is a sign of intelligence and a few others say being organised is the habit of highly successful people. Leaving intelligence and success aside, there are a few other advantages of being organised.

Saves you from early morning frustration:

I feel frustrated in the morning when I can’t find a pair of pressed clothes. I don’t remember where I put my handbag last night. I search for it in the drawing room, in the dining room, in the bedroom and everywhere. It used to drain my mental energy early in the morning. One fine day, I have decided that I had enough of it. I cleared my cupboard and kept only the dresses which I actually wear to the office. Every Sunday, I arrange the clothes I am going to wear for that week. I bought a hanger where I hang my bag every day after I get back home. Probably I could not increase my happiness levels but I could definitely reduce my frustration. Being happy need not necessarily be about doing happiness causing events. Reducing unhappiness also counts.

Saves you a lot of time:

If I compare the days when I struggle to find things to the days when everything is organised, I find a lot of time saved. You can always use this time to do something productive.

Saves your decision quota:

Deciding what to wear every day is a waste of your decision. Trying to remember where you left something wastes your working memory early in the morning. This can be done the previous night itself so that you can spend the morning in taking more useful and important decisions.

Saves you from negative self-talk:

You admonish yourself every time you misplace things. Then you go into a non-stop negative self-talk of how you do nothing right. Negative self-talk right in the morning costs you a lot.

Saves you from losing control:

You feel more happy when things are under your control. Being organised makes things to be under your control. You can find them the moment you think need them.

How to organise?

Clear the clutter: 

You can find useful things easily only when you get rid of the unnecessary things. Take some time and clear the clutter. There might be many clothes which you have not worn in years. There might be books which are outdated and dusty. Get rid of them all.

Assign places: 

Books should be placed only in the book rack. TV remote should be placed back in the TV stand. Have a standard place for each item in the house.

Label items: 

In the kitchen, label each item you store. Label them in such an effective way that even if a new person walks into the kitchen they should be able to cook a tasty meal without any efforts.

Fine those who cause the clutter: 

Keeping house in an organised way is not a one pe
rson job. It requires efforts from the entire family. Whoever in the family misplaces a thing, they have to pay a fine.

Reward the best-organised person: 

With the fine amount collected, reward the person who has misplaced the things the least.

Organise not only your home but also your office place, computer system, notes, everything you can. Life suddenly feels so simpler and happier.

Happy organising!

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