How to improve your thought process

Sometimes, I find my life stagnant. I wonder what I can do to improve my situation. Only to realize that solution is simple.
We are the product of our thoughts. We need to improve our thought process to see a difference in the way we live.
How to improve the thought process?
This can be done in two ways:

1.Reorder the existing thoughts

Today you have close to 60,000 thoughts. Tomorrow you have the same 50,000 thoughts of yesterday and 10,000 different thoughts. The 50,000 thoughts which run in common daily are the ones you need to encash on. Even though the 50,000 thoughts keep occurring at random times and in random order if you can find a pattern and bring them into a structure, there you took an opportunity to improve your thought process.
I write down the various thoughts I get during the day in my journal. When I do my review, I understand how I can improve my thought process.
The biggest challenge with this method is, you need to revise the thought process multiple times in your head so that the improved thought process becomes the new normal. Otherwise, you know what should be the order but you will never see the improvement in thought process.

2.Feed new thoughts

On a Sunday, when you go into the kitchen, you realise that you could have made a wonderful lunch if only you had bell-peppers or onions.
Improving the thinking process is also the same. At times, even though you bring order to the chaos in your head, there will be some element missing. That is when you have to feed it with new thoughts. There are multiple ways to do this:
A) Question the existing thoughts
Sometimes you need not require additional items. But you need to change the perspective of existing items. Why should a carrot be used only as a vegetable? Why can’t it be used as a fruit?
B) Copy the thought process
Think like your ideals. Put your ideal into your shoes and then ask what would he have done if he were in my place?
C) Expand your mind
Read books and do courses which will challenge your thinking.
D) Expose yourself to new surroundings
Once in a while go on a trip. If you can’t do that, change your cabin in office. If that also can’t be done, exchange your bedroom with that of your roommate. Or the simplest, change the direction of your sofa or table. Move the apps in your phone. Change your wallpaper daily. Any small change will also help in improving the thought process.
How do you improve your thought process? Have you tried any of the above before?
Let us know in the comments section.
Happy improving the thought process!

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