The one thing which is stopping you from achieving your dreams

Riya: “I want to open my painting gallery.”
Suma: “That’s great! When are you doing it?”
Riya: “”
Suma: “What are you thinking?”
Riya: “I don’t know when?”
Are you like Riya?
Why are you not pursuing your dreams?
I am sorry to ask you this question in the beginning of the post. Let’s keep that aside for now and have some fun.
Wanna do an interesting experiment today?
Ask 10 friends (not so close) of yours why they are not pursuing their dreams.
Their responses will be one among the below:
“I was brought up this way. No one in my family ever did something unconventional. We are comfortable and happy with what we do for living”
“You know how many responsibilities I have right! I have to pay all the bills, run the family. From where do I find time for my dreams?”
“I need to earn a million before I start a business”
“I am too old for it. I should have started it when I was young.”
“I am too young to get serious about life. Let me enjoy my youth”
“I don’t know what my passion is”
“I am still figuring out the right way to do it”
Do you think those are the real reasons why they are not pursuing their dreams?
No one will tell you the truth. All these are just excuses to cover up the reality.
It is not their fault either. Because they believe whatever they say to be the truth.
But the true reason is
They are afraid of the failure.
They are afraid of how people perceive them.
They are afraid of going broke.
They are afraid of the unknown.
That is the sole reason why they are not taking that step.
Are you like your friends? Do you feel the fear inside you? If you are numb, you will never even realise that you need to take action. Let out the fear now. It is okay to be afraid. 
Fear is natural. It is a human instinct. Brain produces fear to protect you. If not for fear, you can’t protect yourself from legitimate danger. But the fear in this case, is the fear of unknown. The fear can be overcome by learning about the unknown. You need to know what it takes to reach your goal. If you are reluctant to explore, you will never see a life beyond this. To reach somewhere where you have not been to before, you have to do something which you have never done before.
Move out of your comfort zone. It’s a cliché. But that is what is going to make the difference. Because your fears are irrational. 
If any of our fears is rational, then it means that you are taking high risk. I am not advocating high risk here. Just move out of that boundary you confined yourself in. 
Take one step ahead. Take 5 minutes out now and think about your dream. What is the smallest thing you can do every day which will move you a step closer to your dream? Isn’t it simple? If it doesn’t look simple, you are not thinking about the smallest step.
If you still feel the fear, validate your dreams. Research on the obvious pitfalls. Avoid them and move ahead.Experience how beautiful life is when you take a step towards your dream.
Don’t be afraid in pursuing your dreams unless you are doing something unethical. As long as what you are fighting for is for the good, move only forward. If you look backward, you will only be scared of falling down.
Whenever I am afraid in taking the next step in life, my mom and I have this conversation.
Mom: “What is the worst that is going to happen?
I:  “I will fail. I don’t want to fail.”
Mom: “How will you ever know that you will succeed or not without trying it?
I: “I am afraid of the unknown.”
Mom: “How will you  ever know the unknown and become wise if you avoid opportunities to learn?
I: “ Hmm…Yeah… True. I will try and see. I have nothing to lose. I only gain. I get an experience.”
I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. -Nelson Mandela
Do this small exercise now. Save the below link in your google drive and start combating your fears.


Go to this link. http://bit.ly/2nLhFjD


Click on the google drive button and to save it to your google drive. 
Now start filling in your fears and ways you will combat it.

People can get you all the resources to achieve your dreams but they can’t fight your fears for you. You have to fight your own battle. The only thing which keeps you strong in the times of obstacles is confidence in yourself.
Your brain will keep tricking you into fear. It is doing its duty. Don’t succumb to it. Fight them. Be a warrior, not a loser.
According to the Darwinian theory of natural selection, the strongest of the species survives. Don’t you want your fearless genes to be passed on to the next generations?


What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams? How did you combat your fears? Let us know through comments section. I am waiting to hear them out.
Happy combating your fears !

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