2020 Aug Review and September goals

Every year, I write a list of new activities I want to pick up. One such item which was on the list for the past 4 years finally is off the check list in 2020. This was none other than Chess. My husband and I play at least one game of chess every night after dinner. Since both of us were new, the first few days when I won every game he attributed it to my meditation. To up his game, he started practising online too with computers and other players. Now my only chess teacher is my husband. We discuss the learnings after every game irrespective of who wins.

Review of August

1.Mindful Walking
Even though I had a very small target of just 10 steps daily, this has changed my style of walking forever. I am someone who is always on the run. Now when I am running in the house too, I remind myself of mindfulness. 
2.Thank you notebook
I haven’t covered this with a lot of names yet. But I made it a point to add one statement everyday. To make it a tough and useful exercise, I started by writing thank you notes for people who I find it very difficult to be thankful for.
I finished reading How to walk, Breaking the habit of being yourself, The surrender experiment, Write it down, make it happen, Three Thousand Stitches. I started 10 x rule, Journeys of a lifetime but these will take time to finish. I am currently reading Autobiography of a yogi.

Plans for September

I can stay in a plank for 37 seconds without a lot of effort. In order to improve my core stability, I want to try this everyday till I reach 120 seconds effortlessly. I will not make it difficult. Instead I will target for 1 second more daily.
2.Record a 30 sec video of myself
I am a camera shy person. It has been a really long time since I addressed a huge gathering. In order to not let fear creep in, I want to practise 30 sec – 1 minute video of myself. This helps me identify my choice of words and body language to work on improving them.
How was your August? What are your plans for September?
Happy September!

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