2018 Week 20 Challenges

The best part of the week is I got an offer to be an official photographer for my budding skills. Apart from that, my book came as a recommendation for a friend to whom I didn’t tell about my book. It was a memorable week overall.

Review of Week 19

1.Book of the week: 12 Rules for Life
I could read only the first two chapters. The first chapter was the same concept what I read in Learned optimism but he explained it by talking about lobsters. Second chapter was a bit confusing. As far as it goes, it is good.
2.Habit of the Week: Thought tracker
As usual, this helped me act on the long pending items which had been bothering me.
3.Study for exams
This didn’t go as planned. I have hardly studied anything this week due to other unforeseen commitments.
I was not able to meditate or sleep early also daily. On the contrary, I had to stretch too late on most of the days.

Challenges for Week 20

1.Book of the week: 12 Rules for Life
I will continue reading this book this week too.
2.Habit of the Week: Free writing
This is again a repetition of the exercise I did a few months. It helps in letting go off all the worries and makes you feel healed.
3.Study for exams
I need to sit at a place with no distractions and study for one hour at a time to finish the syllabus at a faster pace.
How was your week 19? What are your plans for week 20? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 20!

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