2019 Goals

Wish you a very happy new year. Hope you bring all your dreams come true in this year.

I took an entire month (December 2018) to rethink about what I want to do in this year and came up with this plan.

The major changes I made from last year to this year are

1. Only weekly goals

I am getting rid of monthly goals and will just hold on to weekly goals. As mentioned last year, this tells me quickly whether I achieved or failed my target.

2. Areas of improvement

I will classify my goals into broad areas of improvement. I am going to work on each area of it daily.

a) General

This is about making minute changes in my behavior to become a more effective person. It can range from productivity, minimalism, change in attitude, perception or anything which can bring about that positive difference.

b) Health

It is one of the most loosely used word without defining what part of health you are referring to.

I will broadly classify it as physical and mental.

Physical health further depends on what you eat and how you burn that. This boils down to food intake and exercises. Apart from that, the ones who age well, also take care of their skin. It is one of the most neglected aspect of my life. It is high time I start focusing on that.

Just like how food decides what makes your body, what you read defines your mental health. I want to read many more interesting and mind expanding books this year. Apart from that, staying happy decides your productivity levels. I will work on a 52 day happiness exercises to see a difference. One of the easiest ways to take care of your mind is meditation. I want to take my meditation practise to the next level this year.

c) Relationships

Human beings are social beings. I was a shy introvert for a major part of my life and hardly spent any time in building a network. It is time for me to expand my circle in real life and also virtual life.

d) Hobbies

A part of me dies when I stop doing what I love. My latest passion is photography. That doesn’t mean that I should ditch writing. Both of them complete me in their own way. Just writing or clicking photos doesn’t help me grow. I need to learn the science behind the art to see real and quick growth.

Right now, my mind is so tuned to speak in Tamil as the default language spoken to the locals was tamil. I need to make kannada the default language now.

e) Academics

As a part of the correspondence course I am doing in psychology, I need to do an internship for 6 months, publish a research paper and prepare for examinations. I will take my time and do them over a period of time.

f) Mental agility

To stand strong in this competitive world, you need to grow sharper day after day. Not everyone is born genius, but with time you can become one. I want to get better at coding, problem solving, logic reasoning and critical reasoning.

g) Second source of income

The richest people of the world on an average have 7 sources of income. I am not worried about the 7 sources now. But I want to figure out what is the second source of reliable income I can generate to retire sooner. To reach this goal, I need to understand the basics of finance and other entrepreneurial paths. I will spend this year in mainly gaining knowledge required to identify the sources of income.

3. Start small

I had been super ambitious all my life. This stresses me out and usually makes me fail to reach my goals as the initial goals were unrealistic. Even if I reach them, that would have been due to the sleepless nights I spent due to the burning motivation or due to the guilt feeling which was eating me up. As I write this today, I feel heavily driven to achieve big things in life. I want to write it all in one day. I want to spend the entire night and finish off the book. Alas! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Transformation also can’t happen over night. It will take time. I will take it really slow this year. I want to be consistent rather than gobbling up one day and lazing around the next day.


I want the goals to be measurable. At the end of the week, I would love to know in what way I had improved. That gives me the pleasure to know clearly that I had been improving by 1% at least every week, if not every day.


In the last quarter of the year, I struggled a lot to reach my self-improvement targets due to a lot of unexpected changes in my personal and professional life. The only I could have tackled it better was by having an exhaustive if then list. Such a list will help me do my routines irrespective of my unexpected timings.

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How was your 2018? What are your plans for 2019? Share it with us in the comments section.

Happy 2019 !

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