5 Goals for November

60 days for the year to end. I can either look back at the months passed and regret what I could not do or look forward for the coming 60 beautiful days to achieve what I could not so far.
Here I go back in time, evaluating the past 31 days, not to feel regret but appreciate the good things and learn from what didn’t work out.

October Review

I have started doing multiple courses on coursera but could finish only one on creativity.
Hoping to finish the remaining this month.
As a part of my expanding knowledge habit, I started with finance. I searched for blogs but could not find anything which will really help me to start off. I tried to watch finance Ted talks too (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvcNw4F0Y4Y) and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzcw_02ZB1o&t=873s) but haven’t learnt what finance is all about.
But after stumbling for the first few days, I learnt that finance is a very broad topic. If I say “I want to learn Finance”, I will reach no where.If I pinpoint at what I want to learn-  “I want to learn behavioral finance” or “I want to learn how to invest”, my goal is easier to achieve. That was when I stuck to these two courses – Introduction to Financial Markets and Behavioral Finance.
I created a huge list of things to be organized. If I have to measure the success of this habit by the frequency I executed the task or completion of checklist, I have failed. But if I measure it with how well I started organising, I have done a good job.

  • Songs: Instead of sitting with them for an entire evening, I am cleaning the ones which I don’t enjoy much as and when they come in the random playlist.
  • Photos: The media from WhatsApp is set on auto download mode in my phone. Some of the photos are spam. But some of them are memories to treasure for a lifetime. While a few others are jokes which will crack me up on any day. I set this exercise for once a month so that I even do my photo routine.
  • Clothes : I removed the clothes which I don’t wear regularly and organized the remaining by colours.
  • Papers: I used to throw papers all over the shelf. Now I bought files and I keep them in those files based on the category they belong to.
  • Catalogue: I created a notebook in Evernote and made note of what I am keeping where. If I need a document, I can search in my Evernote and it will tell me where it is available. This was the coolest thing I did this month.

The best thing about organising is it felt that I have a control over my life. I was organizing my mind while I was organizing the material stuff.
The habit which I failed to accomplish is placing them back where they belong to. So my frustration is not totally gone and I have to continue this exercise for a couple of months till I can call myself ‘The organized one’.
Learning Language:
Tamil alphabet:
Even though I am not able to read the entire word yet, I can recognize the vowels and consonants. Whenever I am on the road, I try to read whatever I find in Tamil. I am happy with the progress I made so far. Thanks to Memrise.
I discovered another app to learn French. In Duolingo and Memrise, I am learning the basics of French. I enrolled for intermediate level of French on Mondly to speeden my learning
I didn’t stick much with this habit. But then it turned out to be a good exercise. I want to continue this for as long as possible.
Creativity Exercise:
I was not able to stick to this habit regularly. But for whatever I did, I tried to be as creative as possible.

Goals for November


New goals:

Improve Logic Reasoning/ Critical Reasoning:
I want to solve problems which will improve my reasoning skills. Even though I was good at them once upon a time, I feel my brain is rusted now. It needs some cleaning to be as sharp as before. I am going to spend one hour everyday on this. I can’t really measure the success of this exercise, but then I know that it makes me feel smarter.
One good thing about me:
I had a one time feel good list. But now, I want to maintain a daily list. I want to appreciate myself for one good thing I did in the day. This in turn motivates me to do at least one good thing a day.
Give something:
It might not be possible everyday. But I want to find opportunities where I can provide some help for others.
Network Online:
I have come across the benefits of this in multiple articles. I want to do the exercise to test its utility. As a part of this exercise, I am going to drop a message or comment or email to other potential or established bloggers/writers.

Turning old goals into habits:

Ted talk:
During the last Ted talk challenge, I could watch only 4 amazing Ted talks. This time I have a list from the book Ted talk to see the best ones. I think, this exercise is definitely going to give me ideas which are going to change my life.
Stay positive:
Even though I already did it in the month of September, it was not really sufficient to make it a habit. October was again a stressful month with negativity lurking around all the time. I want to keep doing this once in every two months to make it a part of my life.
Wake up early:
I have been skipping exercise as I had been waking up late every other day. Exercise is highly correlated with staying cheerful and productive. This in turn depends on my wake up time. So I want to wake up early. It is tough to wake up at 5 in this winter. But around 6 is decent enough to aim for. This in turn requires me to sleep by 10.
Only two months are left this year and I have not finished many books which I started. I have a lot of plans on how to select new books but I want to first finish the ones I started. Hopefully from January, I will follow my new way of selecting books.
How was your October?
What are your goals for November?
Let me know in the comments section.
Happy November!

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  1. Empty sort of (my october). Tried hands on different things, but i guess i get bored too quickly. When some thing doesn’t go my way, then it’s time to change that thing and start a new one. And due to this bad habit, i have started many things…..and finished none.
    Fortunately, reading is not one of them.
    But morning walk, gaining new knowledge, do something creative comes under (started but not finished) category.
    And october is gone. I dont know about coming two months.
    But let’s hope in 2018, these works shall all be done. 🙂

    1. It is natural to give up in between. But getting back to it makes the difference. I suggest that you should try morning walk, gaining new knowledge and doing something creative this month too 🙂

  2. I was thinking of taking a break for 2 months. :p (From every task that i started but gave up on half way through, except reading.).
    But i will try, in these two months too. Try to suppress that lazy fellow inside me who have 1000 reasons not to do a thing, or to leave it half way.
    Let’s see who dominates !!! 🙂

  3. I tried to make morning routine this October because I was not regular to leave the bed early in morning.Also, I spend a lot of time in watching movies due to which I did not able to complete the work that was important and also not able to focus on work due to distraction…….

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