2021 Nov Review & Dec Plans


“You are taught by the society that life is all about career, family and happiness but the reason you take birth is to learn a few pending soul lessons in this lifetime to balance out the karma from previous lives”


After my obsession with Ayurveda, I got my hands on Astrology this month. Since the start of my Moon Antardasha, I had this undefinable urge to buy books on Astrology to deepen my knowledge of the subject. Finally, I spent an hour in the book shop going through the books which made sense to me and got home a few. It surprised me how astrology is more about psychology and spirituality than to do with prediction and course correction. It gave me a clear picture on what my life purpose is and what I should be focusing more on to balance my Karma of this lifetime. To test if my understanding of my chart is correct, I checked with a professional astrologer and she said the exact same things which helped me gain confidence in my own readings. 

Learning Astrology at depth opened up a new perspective inside me. It made sense on why we struggle so hard with a few things while a few other things come so naturally to us. Instead of going by peer pressure on what you should be doing at any point, going by what you are destined to learn and mastering those lessons makes life so much easier and peaceful. This month I plan on writing a detailed article on Astrology to explain the psychological and spiritual perspective of the same.

Another highlight of the month was a workshop I organised on Meditating on the flame. It was such an intense workshop that when I practised on my own, I could notice how I can access my own emotions very deeply and take control over them. It was indeed a powerful technique to let go of the past.

Review of November


1.New Morning routine


Previously I was following the morning routine as suggested by Medical Medium but I realised that it was increasing Vata in my body. So I switched to a new morning routine which balances Kapha and Vata in the body. 

My new morning routine starts with tongue scraping to evaluate the dosha in the body followed by Kapalbhati for 15 minutes and Anulom Vilom for another 15 minutes. After that I do oil pulling for 30 minutes as I do my morning yoga. Then I brush my teeth and  start the day by drinking a glass of aloe vera, turmeric, ginger and ashwagandha juice; then wait for 30 minutes to consume around 15ml of ghee.

So far I have reduced one kg with this. Hoping that it could give better results in the coming months. I will be continuing this until I find better alternatives to lose weight.


Plans for December


1.Focus on my full time career

One of my goals this year is to become an expert in Natural Language Text Processing. While I am almost there, I am yet to learn the Engineering side of things. My major focus this month is to learn deployment of ML models to become an end to end Data Scientist.


2.Eye Care Routine

Most of my day goes into spending time in front of my laptop screen. I am highly worried about my eyes because of the amount of strain from screen time. I picked up a few practices from Ayurveda books which I can practise.

  • Wash eyes with clean water every morning for a few minutes.
  • Since I am afraid of Jal Neti, I will spend a few minutes in inhaling steam to clear kapha from the face
  • Every one hour, I will palm my eyes
  • Apply Haritaki around the eyes in the night
  • End the day with Tratak meditation by meditating on the flame



How was your November? What are your plans for December?


Happy December!


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