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2022 April Review & May Goals

April was all about letting go. I decided to not put up with clients who can’t respect my time and energy. I donated all the clothes which I no longer fit into so that I can make space for new energy. 


When you let go, it is also about accepting. I decided to be clear on what I want. I want growth but not at the cost of quality. I want to lose weight but for that I had to accept my body for it is.


One of the major themes of letting go was trying different forms of healing to see what works best for me. I experimented with Pranic healing and Theta healing. In Pranic healing, I could feel the other person working in terms of energy but I could not see or feel any result of the work immediately. With theta healing, I noticed how I was storing all the past trauma in my body and when I met my resistance, it opened up a new perspective for me all together. 


But now, after letting go of a lot of different things, I feel much better and lighter. I feel surprised at how much I changed in the past 4 months that I can’t relate to the person who got angry over certain aspects last December.


Review of April


1.Overcoming social anxiety


Back when offices were going on normally, the first week at the current company I work at was a nightmare for me. I felt that I couldn’t relate to the frontend and backend developers and missed all of my old companies in one go where I always had someone from the same field as mine.


Now, when there was an office party, my first instinct was not to attend. With my husband’s push, I registered for it. Reluctantly, I designed a strategy on how I will tackle the anxiety and I ended up spending two and half hours talking to people. To my surprise, I even enjoyed it.


2.Leg Workout


I tested various workouts for legs to see what suits me better. For the next month, I need to chart out a plan to integrate it back into my regular exercise and how I can increase the iterations slowly everyday.


3.Workshops and One on one Sessions


One of my regular clients for one on one sessions, mentioned that she started feeling much lighter from when we first started and she is now ready to do the sessions once in two weeks. I felt it was a personal win.


For the workshop, I experimented with group therapy and I think it was a nice discussion for everyone to express and relate to each other’s pain and suggest what worked for them. We continue the discussion over whatsapp group to hold that accountability until they make it a habit.


Plans for May




The most awaited vacation is finally happening. I have a different expectation from this vacation than usual. I decided to not have control over how I want things to be and left the itinerary to my husband. This trip is all about mindfulness and surrender for me. I deleted all the official mails from my phone, blocked notifications and did not pack any books with me. I want this trip to be all about treats for the eyes of the beauty of nature and beautiful conversations with my husband. It is my opportunity to disconnect from my routine world and reconnect with it in new ways after I am back.




A few years back when I did this exercise, I thought I had let go of everything. But I notice how certain people still trigger me. I need to do one more round of this to unlock the next level in heart chakra.


How was your April? What are your plans for May?


Happy May!




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