2019 Week 17 Goals

It was such a busy week at work that I could hardly focus on my personal life.

Week 16 Review

1.Write book
I freezed the writing part for now. I am left with editing and bringing the book to a proper shape. It was a difficult week as I wasn’t sure if the book was upto the mark or not. May be that is what every writer feels once the product is close to ready. For a few days, I felt that I should take more time and scrap the book and rewrite it freshly. But at the same time, without a deadline, when you chase perfection, you will never be able to hit the publish button. Sometimes, all you have to do is trust the work you put in and hit the publish button. That is what I am trying to do as of today.
I haven’t written a detailed exploration of why in my diary. But I could start seeing events in my life as an outsider and could examine why they were happening. I wasn’t really satisfied with this exercise because I don’t have any proof or measure of how I performed in this.

Plans for week 17

1.Publish book
I am going to have a hectic week at work this week. But I don’t want that to stop me from pursuing my dreams. I will try to squeeze at least one hour a day and work on making the book the best version possible and publish it on 29th. I need to make some time in deciding the title and cover for the book too. I hope it will be a value addition in the market and not just another book out there.
From next week, I will try to focus on other areas of my life too instead of saying all my time is for my book.
How was your week 16? What are your plans for week 17?
Happy week 17!

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