2019 Week 16 Goals

The best part of the week is sticking to photography for 365 days. This gave me an inspiration to stick diligently to other habits too.

Review of week 15

1.Ted Talks
To celebrate my anniversary of photography, I had been watching the Ted Talks of self-made photographers. All this while, I thought that the best photographers have the best professional courses. I was completely wrong. They just read the right content and kept practicing the art relentlessly. For creativity, passion matters most than formal education.
2.Mood Tracker
May be because of meditation, I was neutral most of the times. I didn’t really get a chance to make a lot of entries. I need to continue it for a month at least to bring the latest annoyances to words.
3.Opening up by writing it down
I had started this book in week 7 and could finally complete it this week. The book is a collection of researches which support how disclosing your deepest thoughts promote your well-being. It also touches upon a few psychological concepts hence was a fun read to me. If you don’t want to bore yourself with psychology, the only takeaway for you is write away your emotions to stay balanced.

Plans for week 16

I had a lot of things planned for this week but I don’t want to burden myself with those activities and focus on just one thing. Getting the book ready.
1.Write book
I have just two weeks left to finish it. I have most of the content in place. It just needs a lot of restructuring and storytelling. I should make at least one hour for it every night no matter what.
I want to bring being intentional into my life. I don’t want to do something just because someone asked me to do. I want to think why I want to do it. What is the end goal of it? I can become more logical with constant practice and also helps me stay mindful.
How was your week 15? What are your plans for week 16?
Happy Week 16!

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