2019 Week 18

The best part of last week was I did a bit of socialisation. Apart from that, I decided to volunteering for the heartfulness meditation centre as I felt it was my duty to give back in some form for all the good the institution has done for me.

Review of week 17

1. Write book
I got my book to completion and ready to publish state. But when I shared it with a couple of friends, they had some feedback on which I want to work. Hence postponing this by a month now.

Plans for week 18

The past few weeks were consumed totally by writing book. I want to spend time on other things too and not just be consumed by it.

1. Write book
I didn’t start the hard copy of my first book yet. I don’t want this book also to end that way. Hence I will make sure that I have a detailed plan for editing and publishing it for the entire next month. I will dedicate half an hour on it in the morning.
2. Buy a DSLR
In order to up my photography skills, I want to move to a DSLR. I will do my research and buy one.
3. Gym
The workouts or the exercises I had been doing are not sufficient enough for me to lose weight. It is high time I seek professional help. For the next 3 months, I will try to make it a point to go daily.
Apart from these, I don’t have any other plans as I am on a vacation for most part of the week.
How was your week 17? What plans for week 18?
Happy week 18!

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