2021 Aug Review & Sep Goals

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Mark Twain


In the past, I left a job which expected me to attend calls daily at 9:30 pm. And, this month, I made self-imposed calls at 9:30. But I loved the experience. It was because I was teaching meditation which I am super passionate about. When you do something you find meaningful, time of the day doesn’t matter at all. 


Review of August


1.Barefoot grass walking


It felt good not necessarily grounding to do barefoot grass walking. But one fine day an old lady asked me to stop walking as she experienced foot infections due to the water used for grass maintenance. I felt disappointed about the change in my evening routine but the days I went, it was pleasant.




For a major part of this year, I was reading textbook kind of books for my workshops. But this month, as I was already spending more than 30 minutes in the evening sessions, I took a break from weekend workshops and found time to read for fun. I completed reading May be you should talk to someone and Body keeps a score. Currently reading Road less travelled.




I discovered a new lake which gave me an opportunity to go back to bird photography. I clicked a picture of a water bird holding fish in its mouth. I got to keep going back to get it in the angle and light which will make it a good picture.




For one of the major festivals of South India, I made 9 dishes in a morning as an offering for the Goddess Lakshmi Devi. It was a feat to manage the decoration of the altar and cooking all by myself. In the end, all of it felt worth it.


5.Support System


I spent a big deal of time in charting out what my needs are and how my current support system helps me with it. I have some open threads to close to make a robust support system. I have decided to do this exercise every 3 years so that there are no loop holes to it. Charting the support system helped me let go of my fears and feel more stable and secure in life. 


Plans for September


1.Monitoring Food


My efforts to lose the excess weight led me to read books on metabolism. Even though I had known for quite some time now that weight loss is not calories in and calories out and processed food is harmful for health, the shocking fact was how processed food is equivalent to slow poison.


Even though I mostly eat natural food, my husband always keeps a stock for himself which I keep tasting. I want to make a strict note of how much tasting I am doing and reduce it over time to no processed food. I am sure to see some improvements in my health with this.




After reading ‘May be you should talk to someone’, I got this sudden urge of getting back to writing. In the past few months, I have stopped writing my ‘Morning pages’. I want to get back to showing up even if I don’t write a lot in them. I will also publish at least 7 articles on my website this month and get back to writing all the books which I started writing and left them half way.


3.Meditation with crystals


I bought crystals for chakra meditation. I will spend time on experience what the energy of crystals feels like.


How was your August? What are your plans for September?


Happy September!


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