2021 March Review & April Goals

As the first quarter of 2021 comes to an end, I wanted to reflect upon the time spent. Compared to my usual fast paced result oriented life, I haven’t achieved much. This quote made me stop and think how I have been obsessed about concrete results rather than doing things which will take a while to show results.


“I do not want to suggest that productivity is wrong or needs to be despised. On the contrary, productivity and success can greatly enhance our lives. But when our value as human beings depends on what we make with our hands and minds, we become victims of the fear tactics of our world. When productivity is our main way of over- coming self-doubt, we are extremely vulnerable to rejection and criticism and prone to inner anxiety and depression. Productivity can never give the deep sense of belonging we crave. The more we produce, the more we realize that successes and results cannot give us the experience of ‘at homeness.’ In fact, our productivity often reveals to us that we are driven by fear. In this sense, sterility and productivity are the same: both can be signs that we doubt our ability to live fruitful lives.” – Nouwen


Quarter Review

In the first quarter, the following are the changes I made to different areas of my life.


1.Physical health


If you are asking me for results, my weight has fluctuated about the usual but there is no real permanent decrease. But if you are asking me about the changes I have done to my lifestyle, I have been extremely consistent with my morning detox routine and skipped it only on two days when I travelled. My breakfasts have been about fruit juices and smoothies. My lunch and dinner have been raw or cooked vegetables mostly except for weekends. This is a significant change which I planned for 2020 but able to do it consistently in 2021. I have also started my first 369 liver cleanse by Medical Medium.

The downside of this lifestyle is that it eats up all my time with hardly any left for other activities.

Score on doing: 10/10

Score on results: 0/10

If I define my success on results, I failed. If I define it based on doing, I definitely gave my best.


2.Mental health


I have been doing what I always did. I can’t measure it with the number of breakdowns I had as I had a few as a result of detox reactions. But what counts is how well I was able to handle them. The right way to measure mental health is resilience. You can’t avoid facing adversities but you have control over how soon you can overcome it. I am definitely getting better at that.


New initiatives:

  • I started a spirituality whatsapp group for people to discuss their learnings and clarify their doubts from others on the same journey. Drop a mail at lensq29@gmail.com if you want to share your journey with others
  • I started reading books on intuition and started practicing exercises on the same. I don’t say that I am intuitive today but the exercises have been fun and at the same time take me into a meditative state. I have a long way to go.
  • I finished reading two chapters of Bagvadgita and the story just starts there. I am not exaggerating when I say that I feel a sense of calm when I read the sanskrit verses.
  • I started with Hooponopono, a Hawaain prayer meditation, but I was not really consistent. I saw some wonderful results everytime I did that and looking forward to make it a consistent habit.


3.Hobbies and skills


Due to limited bandwidth, I was not able to do a lot in this space. I reduced my whatsapp and instagram usage, which helped me create some time. Here are what I could do

  • Finished the first course in the Public speaking specialisation on Coursera
  • Learnt basics of Numerology and applied the principles when a friend asked for help to select a name for a new born baby to be in sync with the birth date
  • Got positive reviews from my clients on how their life changed after consulting with me. When I see a smile on my client’s face after a visualization exercise, it gives me immense satisfaction that I made a difference to another life. These statements from my clients made me really happy.
    • “I am able to close my work on time”
    • “I am able to say no”
    • “I found my life partner as you helped me define what is that I want from a husband and the man I found satisfies everything from that list”
  • Visited a zoo and I felt amazed after looking at the pictures I clicked on a laptop screen. I finally learned to make eye contact with the animals I was clicking.
  • Even though I can’t make time every week for Piano practise, I finally got tempo right for one of the songs I played. That was an achievement after a long fight with Tempo.
  • I now have around 20 pots of plants in 4 months and that gives me pleasure to see greenery in my balcony.




Some of the books I read in the last three months and definitely recommend others to read are Learning to Love yourself, Signs, Trust your vibes, Super attractor, The journey, all books by Medical Medium Anthony Williams, Psychic abilities for Beginners.


April Goals


There are a lot of things I want to do but given my experience from the first quarter, I want to be practical and pick up a few so that they are achievable.


1.Self esteem


Every month I am spending time on becoming an expert on a topic to help my clients better. In the last two months, I studied compassion and abandonment. This month is dedicated to self-esteem. This also helps me heal any of my issues which come to surface.




I have cut my heartfulness meditation time from 1 hour to 3o minutes so that I can try 30 minutes of forgiving and letting go meditation. Looking forward to the miracles this can bring.


3.Chess Openings


Even though I started playing chess last year, I haven’t formally learnt any tricks. This year, I want to get good at least openings. For this, I decided to make use of FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings by  Paul van der Sterren. There are around 30 openings in this book. I don’t want to over commit that I will finish the book but can learn 10 chess openings this month.


How was your March? What are your goals for April?


Happy April!


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