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Book Review – Discovering your Dharma

I picked up this book with a hope that I might encounter some new points on discovering purpose but it has been full of swag about the author. Sadly that was the only part I could connect to in the entire book.


In the first few chapters, the author talks about her own spiritual journey and throws strong sentences here and there from the standard spiritual books. I could connect to the part where it is really difficult to convince parents when you want to do something unconventional and how things will fall in place in the future. Another point which sort of helped me identify my limiting belief is “You should not charge people for helping them”. 


The author specializes in Ayurveda. I don’t have any doubts of her ayurvedic knowledge but it felt like false claims when she combined that with a purpose. I am not totally condemning her views. But they seem nice as a theory but don’t look like they work on people, at least when I tested on others.


The book is an amalgam of too many aspects when you connect with your life you might feel more confused than get clarity on your purpose.




  • Your dharma is to raise your consciousness
  • Life is happening for you than to you
  • You are meeting the right people at the right time encountering the right opportunities
  • For you to take your dharma to next level, you should be comfortable with charging people
  • High vibes are road map to dharma
  • ‘Why is this happening to me?’ to ‘How is this happening for me?’
  • High Vata people prefer to have multiple projects going on


Should you read this book?


If you already know about doshas in ayurveda and have an idea about chakras, you can read the book to enjoy a possible theory.


If you have no background knowledge in spirituality, this book will confuse you to the core and I am afraid that you will feel lost.


The perfect reason to enjoy this book is reading how the author made her way into spirituality and explore her theory with a pinch of salt.


There are also some good questions in between the chapters for you to introspect on your purpose.

This book has more than 4 ratings on goodreads so there are many people who could connect and make a difference to their lives. Maybe it is just me who could not find the concepts truly applicable as I read better books on this topic. 


Happy discovering your Dharma!

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