Why should you read books?

The other day I had the following conversation with friend:

I : “People consider me a nerd”

Friend: “Well, reading books is not that bad. It is same as watching movies. Just the medium differs.”

I: “Right! It is just that people don’t get that. The lazy ones who don’t want to imagine or the ones who don’t have time to read books go for movies. Ultimately, both of them derive the same end result.”

Friend: “True!”


The ones who watch movies are in no way greater or smaller than people who read books. But reading books is an experience which can’t be replaced with watching a movie.


Another friend asked me to watch ‘ Into the wild’ movie. After finishing it, I wanted to read the book too. The lessons I learn from reading the book will be far more greater than watching the movie. In the movie, the director shows the story in the perspective he understands. But when you read the book, it is open for your imagination and perspective.


Same was the case when friends suggested me to watch ‘Last lecture’ of Randy Pausch. I would not have been a great fan of him if I just watched the video. The lessons I learnt by reading the book can never be the same by watching it.


It is not just for experience I read.I read to stay sane. When life goes upside down, reading a good book brings me back to normal. I find an echo for my voice in them. They give words to my feelings. They soothe me in pain. They bring a smile on a bad day and tears on a normal day. 


Books are my best friends. They talk to me when no one else does. They advise me on what is wrong and what is right and leave it to my discretion. They do not judge me on the decision I make from the advise. They don’t stop advising me even if I never follow them.


Even if I fail after reading the books, the knowledge stays with me.It is not just the knowledge which books give me. They provide me the positivity I require for the day. 


They also make me curious and creative. They provide me with ideas and help me write better. They make me think, get lost and then help me find myself. They show me my reflection.


They make me intelligent and sound sensible when I make a conversation. They make me connect things better and learn to stay humble.


They help me meet all the intelligent, smart, talented, experienced people of the world. Because those people have made their thoughts accessible through books.


Books make me want to live for a lot more years just to read.


How can reading books help you in your daily life?


1.Improves your logic

A well written book has a good structure and a lot of debate. It improves the way you think.


2.Helps you understand yourself better

They provide words to the chaos in your mind. You will be enlightened and more connected to yourself. 


3.Makes you creative

Reading helps you to connect to things which you are already aware of. This in turn switches on the creativity faucet.


4.Helps you write better

A child picks up a language by listening to others talk. Similarly, your brain learns how to write better when you read. The well-known writers across the world read for two hours every morning before writing. Your writing also improves by reading.

5.Gives you topics to talk about

You always have gossip to keep people attached to you. But won’t you be interesting if you gave them the knowledge which they never heard of before or they don’t have time to acquire?


6.Helps you go up the career ladder

Who will be able to perform better at work – the one who has been doing the same old work since ten years or the one who has been keeping up with new technology updates?

You should not avoid reading quoting a reason that you will anyway not remember everything you read. You have been studying since you were 4 years old. Do you remember the content of each subject you read?

You don’t. But the fundamentals do. That is how you have progressed till today. Same is the case with reading books which are not related to academics. You don’t remember everything, but they just make you a better person.But you can still put in a few efforts to absorb the material better. I read around 40 books in the past few months. I definitely don’t remember them all cover to cover. But I am a better person than what I was a few months ago. So will you be.

Happy reading books!


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