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Why less is more

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Whether you call it as ‘80/20 rule’ or ‘the one thing’ or ‘minimalist way of life’, they are all different versions of less is more.

You achieve more by doing less.

Is more money equivalent to more happiness?

Money can definitely buy happiness but after which happiness does not depend on money. Same is the case for many others too.

More is not always More.

By doing less I have achieved more in the following:


I don’t break my head on what I need to eat. I eat oats with milk for breakfast and Roti for dinner. I don’t have to choose from the entire Indian breakfast dishes every morning. Time saved. And early morning decision quota saved.

2.Clothes/Foot wear:

There was a time when I used to wonder what to wear from the 30 odd clothes I had. Now I just wear the ones which are on the top of the shelf. No more matching footwear. Just wear the same one for everything. No more early morning frustrations to find the matching sets. Saved time. Bought some mental peace.


In the past few days, I found it tough to read a book. I have imported 25 odd books into UB reader app. I find it tough to choose one book from the list. I was better off when I had only 9 books to choose from. Again, less is more has been proved.

4. Applications on phone:

My phone home screen is filled with around 15 apps. Out of which the only one I open when bored is Quora. It is better I remove the remaining so that at least the screen looks clutter free.


Out of the 600 odd people in my contact list, probably there are only 5 people whom I talk to on regular basis. Out of the 20 odd aquaintances, I probably have 2 or 3 close friends. When I am down, none apart from the close ones come to my rescue. Instead of wasting time under the name of socializing, developing deep relations with the few close friends helped me become a better person.


Every time I have a 10 point checklist, I don’t happen to strike out more than two. But when I have only 4 points in checklist they are done sooner.


I used to spend way too much time on reading articles on the internet. I hardly applied any of them in my real life. But now when I read only one article per day, I write an action point from that article.

8. Time before deadline:

When there is a lot of time before the de
adline, most of the time is spent in doing nothing. And you end up having to do a lot of work in very less time which in turn leads to a lot of mistakes and stress.

Less is more – is not just about productivity. Daniel Gilbert, in his book ‘Stumbling on Happiness’ writes that changing the variety frequently reduces happiness.

In general, having too much choice is a killer of happiness. And it eats up the limited decision quota of the day.

Reduce your choices.

Life a happier, less stressful and productive life.

Happy becoming a minimalist!

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