The one thing if you change will make you live life to the fullest

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This morning while exercising, I felt lazy to do a new variety of Pranayamam which my grandmother asked me to do. She suggested that so that my morning sneezes will vanish. It has been a month she has told me and I have not taken any action on it. I was wondering why I am ignoring something which is so important for my health.

Then I realized. I am used to the sneezes now. With sneezes or without sneezes, my life does not hurt me much. But for someone who sees once in a few months, she can’t see my suffering with those sneezes.

Do you know why elephants, who are as strong enough to pull up trees, don’t try to flee when tied with a small chain? When the elephant was young, it was tied with a strong chain. It tried really hard for its freedom but it could not get rid of the chain. After a point, it started accepting that it can’t get rid of it. It slowly got habituated to listening to its master. It changed the purpose of its life. So it does not occur to the elephant that it can get rid of the chain and run away.

Are we any different from the elephant?

The other day I saw colourful birds in a cage. I remembered a few scenes from a few movies where the hero/heroine frees up the birds from the cage. It is considered as kindness and a quality to impress. But in reality, a bird which has been domesticated for so long will not know what to do with its freedom. It will not know how to protect itself from its predators. It does not know how to search its own food because all its life it has only been fed. It is a weaker living being when compared to other birds of the same species because it was not taught how to live for itself.

Are we any different from the bird?

If you notice closely, your life is similar to the elephant and the bird. You have been domesticated all your life. You were told what is the right behavior. You were told the right way of living. You were given instructions all your life.

If I asked you to quit that damn job which chains you to your seat for 12 hours a day and start something on your own, will you do that?

If I showed you what your problems are in life and gave the solutions to them, will you take action right away?

No, you won’t do that.

You feel that life is not right without all that drama.

You started liking the pain of long hours. Your problems became a part of your life. You will feel that your identity is being changed if the problems are taken away from you.

Stop enjoying self-pity.
Stop being a masochist.

Even if you agree or you don’t agree, you are doing that.

You want other people to sympathize with you.
You want some masala to talk about your lives.

There is no fun in living with those stupid problems which don’t take a long time to fix.

Stop the blame game.

Take ownership of your problems.

You will feel different.

You will feel lighter.

But it is for the good.

You are contributing to the evolution of your species. And creating a competition for others to catch up to your level.

You are contributing to the betterment of the society by being  your best self.

I did the Pranayamam today without procrastinating any more.

Acknowledge that it is a problem which can be fixed and not a part of your life.

See the change. Be the change.

Happy living a new life!


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