11 Things I learnt today from a small activity

In the book, ‘Gifts of imperfection’, the author mentions that everyday we are exposed to thousands of advertisements. We need to be critical about everything we see.

I have been pondering about this. It stuck me that why just critically question things. Why can’t I learn something from them?

The following are the lessons I learnt today from FM radio:

1) Use the right words:

Have you noticed how short the advertisements on the radio are? But they still convey the message and get a boost in their sales. One of my friends who worked in advertisements told me that he uses only the key words which can be conveyed in 30 seconds. In life too, we will not have opportunities all the time. But when we do, we need to speak the right words so that we make the best use of that opportunity.

2) How long do you stick with a goal?

How frequently do you switch channels on the radio?
  1. If the advertisements are for too long
  2. If you don’t like the song
  3. If you like the song but think that there might be something better in another channel
  4. You just stick with the channel no matter what

I think this is a very good test similar to the marshmallow test. If you are a person who switches the channel when advertisements are long, then you switch things in life for a real look out for opportunities. You are kind of a smart player. If you are someone who changes it when song is bad, you choose something but give up on it once you realise that it is not for you. But if you are always looking for something better even if you have what you need (category c) , you are someone who is never satisfied in life. You will be always on the lookout for opportunities. If you don’t change the channel at all, you are either totally satisfied or don’t care about it all or would have attained the enlightenment that life is a mixture of everything.

3) Irrespective of how you feel, be cheerful:

Do you t
hink the life of RJ is always rosy? Definitely not. Even they will have their ups and downs. But they sound cheerful and enthusiastic everyday. One of my friends works in a sales team. He is introvert by nature. When I told him that he is one such a person who loves his job. He told me the truth. He said he is always cheerful because his job demands that. Can we not be cheerful even if our job does not demand that?

4) There is always something which suits us:

There are a minimum of five channels in FM radio. There might be one which targets the youth, one for the middle aged and one for the old. If you are a young person and listening to the channel which plays old songs, it is not their fault. They are offering according to their mission. In life too, you need to find what suits you. You can’t complain that life is bad because you have not chosen the right shoe which fits you.

5) Entertainment can also be educative:

If you are staying in a city which does not speak your native language, you can pick up the language easily by listening to radio daily. They speak the language of common people. When you choose any sort of entertainment, see what you can learn from it too.

6) Don’t expect immediate returns:

A lot of callers who make a phone call to the RJ do it with an intention to listen to  their voice live on radio. For this, they stand right beside the radio. Their call gets cut due to the signals clash. Even in life, when you look for immediate returns, you will be losing out on the bigger picture.

7) Be careful about what you talk

A person speaking on the radio is conveying his message to the entire city. Even if he makes one inappropriate statement the repercussions are huge. It teaches us to be really careful when we let out what we feel.

8) Right tone and words can make you likable

I was a huge fan of a few RJs. It was way back in 2008 that I was an ardent listener to radio. I still remember those RJs as if it were yesterday. That is the affect which they have on the listeners. You don’t know anything about them. But the tone and what they speak helps them hook people forever. Probably you can try the same in real life too.

9) You should know what your audience need

Have you noticed that most of the times the song which is played on radio is your favourite one? They understand their audience well. You need not have customers. But even in the daily interactions you have with people, understand their needs and behave accordingly. You will see a drastic change in the way your relations work.

10) You can like things through practice:

Some of my favourite songs are the ones which I hated when I heard them for the first time. All the things you hate might not become the ones which you will love later. But give a second chance or may be third chance too when you don’t like something the first time.

11) Happiness is in getting things when you least expect:

I play only my favorite songs in my music player. But I feel happy when I hear the same on radio than on my music player. When it is played on the music player, it is already expected. But when it is on the radio, I don’t expect that there is a chance for it to be played.

What life lesson have you learnt from your surroundings today? Tell us in the comments section.

Happy learning!

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