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12 Books which made me a better person

Books leave an imprint on our lives. When you don’t have direct access to mentors, they take up that role and do a wonderful job. The following books have been a mentor for me:
1) Thinking fast and slow:

By Daniel Kahneman

It exposes you to all the cognitive biases. Even though you think you are right about a decision, you don’t realise that it is the cognitive bias which is making you go for it. You end up spending more when you swipe credit card than in cash. You tend to buy an item on discount because of anchoring effect. You don’t stop investing even if you are losing because of sunken cost fallacy. And there are many more biases which you are not aware of.

2)Last lecture:

This is one such book which I did not want it to end. I liked the amazing attitude of the author and the life lessons he has written. If you are not as awesome as he is, you will learn from him. If you are already awesome, you will love yourself more.

3)Never split the difference:

If not for this book, I would have never understood that I was about to fall into a negotiation trap. You might also save yourself from a trap some time in the future if you understand the basics of negotiation.

4)Art of learning:

College is not just meant to mug up the subject and present it during tests. Learning should be deep and ever lasting. Josh Waitzkin writes about what learning is all about through his stories on learning chess. It made me feel nostalgic.

5)How to win friends and influence people:

It is never late to start making friends. I read this book in the first year of my college. It helped a lot in socializing.


You are in the eternal conflict of pursuing things you are good at versus passion. This book gives you clarity on what really matters in the long term.

7)The one thing:

There might be 100 things you want to do in life. This book tells you that one thing if done in right way can become a substitute for the remaining 99.
8)13 things mentally strong people don’t do:

You might be the smartest person in your circle, but if you are not mentally strong. you will not be able to reap the benefits of your smartness.

9)Power of habit:

You are a product of your habits. This book tells you the science behind breaking and making a habit.

10)The art of thinking clearly:

In our daily decisions, we make a lot of cognitive mistakes. This book tells you which ones to avoid and which ones to stick with.

11)Reawaken the giant within:

This book makes you think about your values and how you can use them to live life to the fullest.

12)Fountain Head by Ayn Rand:
It gave me a totally different perspective about life. This book will make you think about yourself and ponder on life. Even though Ayn Rand is difficult to read, it is worth the efforts.
Happy reading!

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