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Book Review – The Journey – Brandon Bays

On an evening, when I was feeling extremely low, I wanted to spend the evening on the couch reading a book. It was a complete random pick but just like always it was the very book I needed to read that evening to feel better. 




The book starts with the author being diagnosed by a basketball size tumour with hardly any time left before a surgery. While the doctor wanted her to get admitted in the hospital, she was adamant about solving it her way – the mind body healing. For the next 6 weeks, she surrenders every day and goes by the options God shows her to heal herself. During one of those healing sessions, she encounters one of the childhood memories which was the cause of the tumor. Once she let go off the repressed pain, the tumor started reducing in size. 


Based on her emotional healing journey, she practised staying away from people for a week and being aware of the emotions in the body and developed a script which can be practised by anyone. The rest of the book is about the examples of the healing journey. In the last section, there is a to-do of the same process which can be done with a partner.


My thoughts


By the time I finished the book, I felt prepared to tackle any challenge in life. Even though it is already known that your thoughts manifest the diseases, it is surprising that some emotion from a childhood time which has been repressed can be life threatening. 


The main takeaway from the book was whenever a difficult situation arises in life, it is because there is a lesson to learn from it. When the Brandon encountered tumor, she didn’t get operated. If she would have got operated, it would have showed up again in the future. Instead she dealt with the root cause that it was a repressed emotion which had to be let out. Later on in her life when she lost her house in the fire, she says that she is not the house but the relationships and love she shares. At another point, when she got a tax statement from IRS, her daughter who she considers as soul mate tells her that she wants to stay away from her and her husband decides to marry another woman, she tells that she is not the relationships or the money. She deals with the entire grief in 6 days by being aware of the way she was feeling. The entire concept of who are you has been so beautifully explained in the book with examples of real life incidents. It requires a strong mindset to experience life with such humility and surrender. The book was one hell of an inspiration to lead a life with complete awareness and surrender to every difficulty you ever face in life. 




There were certain sentences in the book which I want to write in bold and paste it in my room as a reminder.


“I don’t want it to show up in some other part of my body just because I didn’t learn what it had to teach me”


“We think what causes our anger is something outside of us, when in truth, the anger is already stored inside”


“Have faith, everything is all right”


“Know whatever comes to you unexpected to be a gift from god, which will surely serve you if you use it to the fullest”


“The purpose of my life is to be pure joy and to help myself and others discover our greatness-our godselves”


Next steps


  1. Try the emotional journey and physical journey meditation with a partner
  2. Try the who are you meditation
  3. Stay present to the emotions
  4. Ask often “what emotion am I trying to numb?”


Happy Healing!

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