2021 Feb Review & March Goals

February was a memorable month as it was supposed to be. I made a cake like structure with fruits to surprise my husband for his birthday. We went on a long drive to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was quite a scenic place and gave me the much needed break. 


The two unplanned beautiful things which happened were I finally bought Complete works of Swami Vivekananda. I am sure that is going to have a life changing impact on me. I decided to read one book a month and with a few delays or at a faster speed, I should be able to finish them this year. The other life changing event is that I started reading bhagavad gita. I will read one chapter a week, which will take me around 4 months to finish. Since I am reading it with a group, no excuses this time.


Review of Feb


1.Detox drinks


The changes after the first week were not really drastic. But I could notice how my skin started feeling less dry and my sneezes to dust allergy reduced. I wish to stick with it for the rest of my life if not for the amount of time it consumes in the morning. My entire morning routine feels upset. Unless you have a strong purpose or value system around staying healthy, doing a set of detox drinks in the morning is going to be super tough. Since my desire to stay healthy supersedes everything else, I am going to do it as long as work from home exists. I will find a way later on to deal with the time crisis.


2.Self compassion


I always thought I was low on self-compassion. When I took the self-compassion test and did the exercises this month, I realised I was good enough. At one point, I could catch myself doing negative self-talk and let go being harsh with myself. This helped me design a course to help others to learn self-compassion. Enquire for a session if you are interested.




I recorded just two videos. The morning routine going haywire and my work life turning hectic didn’t really help me have any energy left for the day to push myself.


4.Talk to a stranger


I spoke to 6 strangers in the first one week. I made friends with a babysitter and two old men who were interested in my photography and another woman who bonded over being from the same state. This was difficult but I took my camera around to make it an easy conversation opener. After this, there came the news of an apartment near my place which had more than 100 covid cases. I stopped stepping out of the house after that. I will take this up after covid settles.


Plans for March


It is understood from my Feb experience that my mornings are packed with detox drink work, so it is not practically possible for me to take up anything else which is more time consuming. I decided to keep this light for this month


1.Abandonment research


Last year, when I did my research on this topic for my psychology project, I noticed that a lot of them suffer from this. I will try to do some research on practical ways to deal with it so that I can release a package on how to deal with it for my clients.


2.Practice intuition


I realised that Intuition has two parts. One of them is to be aware and mindful. The second is learning to decode what it means and accepting whatever comes to you. For the first part, I have been watching a TV series where the protagonist makes observations. When I went out on the road, I started observing people the way he does. This sort of made me feel more aware of my surroundings. There are also some practical exercises mentioned in Psychic abilities for beginners and Trust your vibes. I am going to spend this month doing these exercises to train my intuition muscle.


3. Diet – 369 Cleanse


Anthony Williams, from whom I picked up the detox drink plan, also has a 369 cleanse diet plan. I am not sure if I can survive that diet for 9 days, but I want to give it a try, cleanse my body and experience the difference. I will share my diet plan in one of the next posts.


How was your Feb? What are your plans for March?


Happy March!


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