How to overcome addictions

I pass a smoking zone. I wonder why there are so many addicts. The cigarette pack shows a damaged lung.But that doesn’t deter a smoker.
I hate that colleague who comes and speaks to me after smoking. It smells awful. I ask him why he smokes. He says “ You breathe in more polluted air than me on your commute” . I have no data to deny his argument. But he just gets away by showing a fault in my life style.
Another friend is desperate to smoke as soon as he is in office. He is not able to wait for any longer after the long weekend.
If you look around you, you see people obsessed about various things. One with food, another one with games, someone else with his girlfriend. If you deny them their obsession, they throw tantrums. They can’t imagine a life without that.
None of it is healthy. He is not a foodie. The next one is not a gamer. The obsession with girl friend is not love. It is addiction. We live in a addicted world. Yet we call the ones who are addicted to nicotine or drugs as the only addicts.
Addiction has got nothing to do with the nicotine or morphine in blood. But it has got to do mainly with the way you relate to your surroundings. How many people do you bond with on a daily basis? If there is none, you are an addict.You know that workaholic who works over the weekend, he is addicted to work. To put it in other words, it is work with which he connects.
You don’t believe me?
Read this research.
When a person is put in a healthy environment where he bonds with people around him in a natural way, he won’t be addicted to one thing. One of my friends told me that she keeps ordering food online once she is back home. She orders one after the other till she sleep. As a result, she became over-weight. She didn’t order food because she was hungry. But ordered it because she was lonely. She didn’t know if her stomach got full or not. But she needed food to keep herself happy. Is this any different from any sort of addiction?This girl was a social butterfly in college. Her room swarmed with friends all the time. Now when she has no one to connect with, she resorted to food.
Just a small change in your life style, just by connecting to more people in your surroundings, you can overcome your addictions.
What are you waiting for? Go form healthy relations. Live a happy and productive life.
Happy letting go addictions!

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