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2 Values which guarantee Success

I have nothing to write today. But I am still writing this. I had been sick for the past few days. The medicine makes me feel drowsy. I am writing in that drowsy state. I can put the blame on my illness and take a break. But I know that is not playing a fair game.
Actually, this is not the post I wanted to publish today. The articles which I have written today are nowhere good enough to publish. I wrote one after another and just pushed them to drafts.
According to me, two things matter the most for success in life. Don’t ask me what success means. I will rewrite my sentence. There are two things which I value in a person. Let me put it this way. There are two things which differentiates a normal human from the extraordinary human.


When I read the book grit, I was tired reading the innumerable examples the  author wrote. At that time, I just thought it is a nice concept. But today, after a lot of observation in my real life and book life, I have decided that grit is what makes you or breaks you.
Today at work, I was trying to code to read text from an image. The image was not clear. My code was not working on that. After two hours, I gave up. I did not give up because it was difficult. I gave up because I thought there must be an easier way to do it and I am not smart enough to figure out the easy way.
Now this brings us to the second step.

2.Growth mindset

A person with growth mindset will never feel limited about his intellectual capacity. He will do whatever it takes to grow beyond what he is gifted with. Now when I am writing this post, I am writing it because I want to grow. I understand my limitations that I am not gifted with this. But there is always a capacity and ability to grow into what I want to be.
I am grittier to write an article after article till I found that something sounds worth publishing. I have a growth mindset which tells me that this is the best I can give for today.
Tomorrow I will go back and redo the image processing in R with different techniques. I am gritty. I want to be different from the normal human.
How about you?
How do you want to be grittier? How do you want to change your mindset?
Happy becoming grittier!

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