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How does 'Fake it till you make it' work?

Today at work,
I (Looking at the amount of work I have done): I feel as if I have been acting since morning that I have been working.
Friend: You accomplish work by believing that you have done it.
That was a gem of advice. I have actually worked but it was not up to the expectations I set for myself. That does not make the work I did as a waste. I need to start believing in it that my work is useful. That is when I will be able to do the remaining with a positive mindset. It is not just about work. But in many other areas in life, it has tremendous applications.
1. Abundance mentality: 
People with scarcity mentality never grow. The ones with abundance mentality keep growing as they keep spending. So even if you don’t have a lot of money, if you act like one, you will keep finding ways to earn more money. Important catch here is to spend within your means.
2. Confidence: 
Every event has two possibilities. You either win or lose. Each possibility might have different probability of occurring. But it is a little dependant on your approach. If you approach it with confidence, you are increasing your chances to win. Even if you lose it initially, you will slowly but definitely move towards winning.
3. Smile: 
Research shows that forcing smile on your face can immediately change your mood for the better.
4. Resume: 
No one will be able to do everything good enough to write in a resume. But you need to first believe that you have done it, to write about it.
5. Confidence:
You can change your confidence levels just by changing your posture, the way you dress up, the way you speak. The ones who show confidence were not really confident once upon a time.

How does it work?

When I first came across this quote, I thought it was done by people who didn’t have any content. My relatives who were not really wealthy used to be spendthrift. My cousins who didn’t know the fundamentals and were on the verge of failing but posed as top ranker, actually passed the exams. In those days, I just thought that they were lucky. But now I believe in that quote. It manifests in many attitudes.
We are what we believe. If you believe that you don’t deserve a high paying job or perfect life partner, you are ruining your life. Even when you get that you think that you don’t deserve that. Instead, if you believe that you deserve something, your thoughts slowly align to it. Then your actions are aligned. Even though it started with faking (or rather believing) you finally make it.
My friends who got promotions at work and those who got married to their loved ones were those who believed that they deserved it. They were not really exceptional. All they did was believed in their dream day in and day out.

How to do it?

When I was in school, we had a seminar on personality development. Each student was asked to fill in this blank for their dream.
I _________ do it.
What will you fill this blank with?
If you filled it with ‘can’, it means that you have the ability but you are not sure whether you can do it.
If you filled it with ‘will’, you are making a promise that you are going to do it.
Start believing in yourself. And see the magic.
Happy believing in self!

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