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Course Review: Viral Marketing and How to craft contagious content

Viral Marketing is one of the most amazing courses I did on Coursera. Even though most of the concepts were already known to me, I really appreciate the way it has been explained through illustrations and references to psychology experiments.

Even though I prefer to do just a few minutes of course everyday, this was an unstoppable course. I was doing the entire week syllabus in a day. After it was over, I felt sad that the next course might not be this interesting.

Why should you do this course?

This course is not just for marketing professionals. It is for a common man like you and me too. The first week course is about making ideas stick. But after watching all the videos, I realized that those who talk using the principles in this course are the ones who are more likable. Who doesn’t want to be likable?

The second week of the course talks about how social influence affects our behaviour. For a marketing professional it is about how to influence the crowd but for you it is about how to think rationally instead of just following the crowd.

In third week, you will learn how to talk so that people will listen. We talk all the time but we still don’t get it right. This is a chance to evaluate the way we speak.

Last week talks about the pitfalls we don’t see in networking. It talks about which networking is useful for which needs. It made me look at networking with a different perspective.

Why should you not do this course?

I enjoyed this course. But I could not find any immediate actionable points to market any product. But I learned a great deal about social psychology.

Yesterday, when I was in temple, I questioned myself and asked people why they gathered even though it is not a good practise to ask in temples. May be the effect of this course. Or else I would have just stood there just because everyone else gathered.

You never know what change this course can bring in your life.

Happy doing the course!

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