5 Ways to get the most out of your day

You had a great start for the year with lofty resolutions. 15 days into it, you feel lost. You can’t find your path. You feel like a loser. You want to change for the better. You want more out of your life. But nothing seems to be working. You are drowned till your neck in your work with zero work life balance.
Hold on for a second. Take a deep breath. Breath in breath out. Now read further.
Everyone has 24 hours a day. Some people achieve more while some people achieve less in the same time.
How can you fall into the achieve more category?


1.Sleep well
It is not about the number of hours you sleep but how deep your sleep was. Wake up naturally and not for an alarm. Feel fresh when you wake up so that you don’t feel sleepy throughout the day.
It increases your stamina. You won’t come back home and complain that you had a long day. It gives you enough energy to play with your children after a tiring day at office.
3.Eat Breakfast
When your stomach keeps growling, there is no way you can focus on work. Your brain will be more active when you feed it with right amount of food on time.


4.Keep checking notifications
Whenever I was free, I used to open whatsapp and gmail to check for notifications. After a point of time, I was so fed up of myself that I removed those apps from my homescreen. Now I placed kindle app on homescreen and I will read a page of a book in my break time.
There is no end to notifications and feed of social media. It is going to eat up your time endlessly.

Now that you got your basics right, this technique will work for you.

5.Make a IF …. THEN list.
According to this list, you are going to use the free time which you created by getting rid of your social media notifications.
This is my list.

  1. If I am waiting for a cab, then I will speak one line in Tamil with my colleague
  2. If I am waiting in a queue, I will read a book
  3. If I want to listen to songs, I will do a course instead
  4. If I want to text out of boredom, I will write on quora.

The above list might look insignificant.
If I talk for even 240 days in Tamil, I will become good at basic Tamil.
If I read even one page a day, I can finish a book in a year.
If I just listen to 5 minutes of a course a day, I will finish a course in a month.
If I just write one answer a day, I will have 365 answers in a year.
So yeah, it is the small tiny bits of work which will add up to a big amount over time.
Happy making the most out of your day!

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