10 Ways to Hack your Brain

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Tired of doing things the hard way with little results?

Learn how you can hack your brain today to see massive results with simple tasks.

1) Changing the breathing pattern: 

When I sense that I am getting emotional, I immediately divert my mind. I start focusing on my breath. It changes my mind instantly. I feel totally normal. This can be done in anger, envy or for any negative emotion. You can also fall asleep by doing this.

2) Laughing: 

When I feel stressful, I crack stupid jokes and start laughing. My friends think that I am not able to get the seriousness of the situation. But that is the way I trick my brain into not worrying and thinking peacefully to arrive at the solution.

3) Waking up: 

I tell myself the previous night at what time I need to wake up. My body sets an automatic alarm for it. I end in waking up before the alarm.

4) Dressing up well: 

On gloomy days, I put extra efforts to dress up well. It automatically tricks my brain into feeling that all is good. It also spreads confidence and cheerfulness.

5) Change your posture:

According to a research by Harvard, a simple act like changing the posture, can build confidence in you.

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6) Consider it as important: 

When I feel lazy or out of ideas, I think about how I would behave or think if it had a dollar impact or it would be of a great help to someone. The ideas which did not strike for a lifetime, suddenly pop up. The same trick goes for studying. The seriousness you get before the day of exam, is because of the pass or fail situation. Create the same situation on a normal day to study your subjects.

7) Terming Pain as pleasure: 

You avoid the things which you consider are painful. But what if the painful process is required for you to actually succeed? Instead of calling it as pain, term it as pleasure. I feel the cramps when I run a lot. Instead of looking at it as pain, I look at it as muscle tears which help me in building stronger muscles. This shift in attitude helped me endure the glitches which are usually called as painful.

8) Label your emotions: 

If you are feeling emotional, label the emotion. Name it as anger, sad, depressed or whatever it might be. Once you name the emotion, the focus shifts to a different part of the brain and rush of hormones subsides immediately.

9) Do the smallest part: 

You procrastinate because you are afraid of the huge pile of work which is in front of you. Tell your brain that all it has to do is the smallest part which is going to take only 2 minutes. Once you get into the flow, doing the remaining part is not tough. While I am writing this article, I came back from work really late and did not want to write at all. I thought let me just write one point first. Once I wrote that, I am able to write the remaining without much hassle.

10) Take a small break: 

When you are working on an important project, spending hours in focused mode on the project does not help. Ideas come only in diffused mode of the brain. In diffused mode, the brain tries to connect all the inputs you have given to your brain in focused mode. When I started this article, I was stuck after a few points. I was staring at my screen blankly. Since I was bored of doing that, I went to get a glass of water. That is when I could recollect the remaining points.

Happy hacking your brain!

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