2018- Week 3 Challenge

Week 2 felt like a very long time. I am scared to look back and evaluate how it has been. But then it is time to face the reality.

Review of Week 2

1.Book of the week: On Emotional Intelligence
The book has been great. It shows examples of how emotional intelligence can make and break teams in the corporate world. Managers who have higher emotional intelligence are the ones who have higher chances of going up the ladder fast. All is good. But at the end of the day, it is just a compilation of multiple articles. I am neither a manager nor a part of team. So the knowledge I tried acquiring does not have practical use for me as of today. I will revisit it sometime later when I can actually implement my learning.
2.Course of the week: Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content
I finished the remaining part of this course in just one day. It was unstoppable. The next action step for me will be to start implementing the gems I learned in this course.
3.Habit of the Week: Mood Tracker
Even though I made an entry regularly, I haven’t reached the neutral stage yet. I also need to make the tracker more structured instead of letting it be the way it is now.
4.Exercise Routine:
Not up to the mark yet. I woke up late or had other priorities on a few days. Need to put in more efforts to stick to the routine.
5.Behavioral change: Talk Less, Listen More
I have the habit of cutting people while they are talking. Even though I know what they are going to speak, I gave them a chance to complete the sentence. I asked more questions and gave the other person a chance to talk.
I made significant progress on this during this week. A couple of friends opened up and spoke about their personal life. A few others called me for a coffee break. When you desperately want something, the entire Universe will be willing to create opportunities for you.

Challenges for Week 3

1.Book of the week: Feeling Good – The new mood therapy
This is the most logical book I can think of when I am trying to regulate my emotions. I hope this book is an apt selection compared to my erroneous selections for the past 2 weeks. Fingers crossed.
2.Course of the week: Influencing people
Viral marketing course has raised my expectations from a course. I am not sure if this course will be upto my expectations or not. But I am still going for it by the title. To finish week 1 of this course, I need to spend 20 minutes a day on this. Every day the time I spend for waiting for my cab should be enough for finishing the course.
3.Habit of the Week: Expense Tracker
Along with the food and emotions tracker, I would love to start tracking my expenses. I spent crazy amount on shopping last year that I don’t even know where all my money went. By doing this, I will become aware of where I spend money.
4.Exercise Routine:
Same as last week. No changes in it till I am satisfied with the routine.
5.Behavioral change: Put myself in others shoes
It is really easy to get angry or offended. But you will look at a totally different picture when you think from others perspective. I want to make this a habit so that I can build my empathy skills and experience fewer negative emotions.
There are only 3 working days this week. All I can manage to do is keep talking and deepen the friendship.
After my 30-day challenge, I have relaxed enough for 15 days. I want to publish an article a day this week to get back to writing long posts. Most of the times I don’t write because I don’t know what to write.I can write two book reviews and one course review. Rest of them I need to explore.
That is all for the next week.
How was your week 2? What are your plans for week 3? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 3!

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