One day at a time !

Are you depressed? Does life seem to be very tough? Do you cry every day? Do you feel scared to think about the future? Don’t worry! Relax, you are not alone. There is a way out. There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel.
Many times in life you come across a phase when you don’t know what next. The future looks bleak. None of the past achievements seem to matter. You just feel like a loser. That is when you start living one day at a time.
When you look at the top of the mountain when you are at its foot, the mountain seems huge. Instead, if you just look at 3-degree angle and aim to climb only that, it is not that scary. Same is the case with life. Thinking about the future invokes negative emotions when you are already low. Hence, just think about the day at hand. You might say “Am I not losing out on my time of life if I am not planning for the future?”
Just spend some time on introspection. Write down a list of things which you enjoyed in the past. You can also write down your past dreams. Make a table like below:
Activity Tasks
Writer 300 words a day
Painter Paint for 15 minutes a day
Learn new language Learn 2 sentences a day
Play an instrument Spend 15 minutes a day
Now set the time for each of these activities. And just do them. Don’t worry about whether you are reaching the goal or not. Your task at hand for today is to just enjoy the task. Future is being taken care of by this today.
Happy enjoying your day!

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